EP129: 2023 Multifamily Industry Predictions

This week’s episode of The Digible Dudes Podcast is all about predictions. David and Reid discuss the predictions they had for multifamily in 2022 and their predictions for 2023.

AI marketing is the use of artificial intelligence to make automated decisions and communicate with customers without the intervention of team members. We start the conversation with David’s prediction that AI marketing is a marketing hack, not a real AI. He goes on to explain how it is programmed to respond in some way.

We talk about Costar, the leader in commercial real estate information, analytics, and news. According to David’s prediction, they have $5 billion in cash on hand, which will be used to move into a single family.

An AI leasing assistant, which responds to questions from prospective renters, is a powerful artificial intelligence created to aid properties in streamlining the lease process. According to David’s prediction, AI leasing agents will surpass human agents in 2023. Then we talk about the need for human agents in certain areas that AIs can’t fulfill.

Digible’s Fiona Forward is an AI-powered digital marketing expert. a powerful partner for your apartment marketing. At the end of today’s episode, David talks about his intention to focus on Fiona in 2023 and what changes he would like to address.

[02.14] Marketing trick AI – We begin by discussing David’s prediction of AI continuing as a marketing ploy rather than true AI.

[09.48] Self-guided tours – We discuss possible reasons for single-family homes to get into self-guided tours.

[17.02] IPO – David talks about his failed prediction about seeing an IPO in apartment prop tech.

[24.38] Costar acquisition prediction – We discuss David’s prediction on Costar moving to single family with 5 billion cash on hand.

[30.24] AI leasing agents – We talk about Reid’s prediction that AI leasing agents will surpass humans in 2023.

[35.35] Antitrust: We discuss the rise of antitrust laws and their impact on businesses.

[41.01] Startups for multifamily – David predicts 2023 is going to be the year of new startup findings for multifamily.

[49.04] Fiona Forward – We talk about David’s idea of focusing more on Fiona Forward in 2023.
ChatGPT – openai.com/
Digible – [email protected]
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ChatGPT – openai.com/

Digible – [email protected]

James C. Collins books –


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