The Digible Dudes EP126: Brand Loyalty with Phil Matsuhashi

Everybody has brands they feel loyalty to. Brand loyalty is simply the dedication a customer feels about a specific product. Brands build loyalty and trust with their audience to purchase the product regardless of competitors or the price. This week’s episode of The Digible Dudes podcast features Phil Matsuhashi, an entrepreneur, advisor, and consultant, to talk about brand loyalty. Throughout the conversation, we talk about brand loyalty in multifamily, consumer relationships, lifecycle stages, and personalization in consumer marketing.

We start the conversation with a quick look into Phil’s career. Phil started his career in digital advertising and programmatic advertising. Then he walks us through how he started working at Amenify, a real estate technology company that offers cleaning, chores, housekeeping, dog walking, food delivery, and lifestyle services for multifamily residents.
Every brand needs a relationship with its consumers. Phil shares his idea on the lack of a holistic relationship between a resident and a property. According to him, in the context of multifamily, they haven’t been able to develop a relationship between the consumer and property like other brands out there.

Lifecycle stages are essential for brands. They are designed to correspond to the phases of a customer’s journey. Phil talks about the importance of lifecycle stages and why brands need to know about new movers.

Personalization and relevance are important factors when it comes to direct consumer marketing. Wrapping up the conversation, Phil talks about the importance of personalization in consumer marketing to brands out there. He further dives into what happens when a company delivers a message to a consumer at the wrong time.

[14.01] Staying multifamily – Phil starts the conversation by walking us through his career journey and how he began working in Amenify.

[19.22] Consumers –Phil shares how consumers are more sophisticated toward brand loyalty than before.

[24.36] Brand loyalty in multifamily – Phil explains the consumer characteristics in multifamily and how Amenify fits into that standards.

[32.14] The gap – Phil explains the lack of a holistic relationship between consumers and multifamily like other well-known brands.

[38.37] Life stage change – Phil shares what happens when a consumer’s stage in life changes to another level.

[45.03] The dynamic – Phil talks about the differences between various multifamily customers and their needs.

[50.04] The value – Phil shares his idea about the importance of lifecycle stages and their opportunities to enhance the living experience.

[55.09] Personalization – We discuss the importance of personalization and relevance in consumer marketing.

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