Digible Snack – Dynamic Ads during COVID?

In the last few weeks, almost every aspect of business started to change drastically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. So this might be the best time to consider running dynamic ads. And we dedicated today’s episode to talk about everything dynamic ads.

So, what exactly are dynamic ads? It means updating your ad copy or update images or other media on demand. This can be done on a schedule, on some other triggers, or even in real-time. Dynamic ads are available on paid search as well as paid social media, and most major advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads support this feature.

David starts the discussion by explaining what benefits you can get from dynamic ads, the value of keeping your ads updated, and some use cases of dynamic ads that are useful for apartment marketing. David shares his take on dynamic ads for retargeting and some challenges involved in it.

In the next section, David & Reid talk about using dynamic ads to show different ads to visitors who view different sections of your website. We mentioned this in our last webinar when we spoke about visitors who view the floor plan page. Toward the end of the episode, David some more valuable tips on working with an agency to run your dynamic ad campaigns.

[01:28] What are Dynamic Ads? – A brief explanation of what dynamic ads are, how they work, and some use cases.

[04:13] Setting Up Dynamic Ads – How to set up dynamic ads and how dynamic ads allow you to update your ad while retaining your quality score for the ad.

[07:32] Value of Staying Updated – Why you should update your ads for COVID-19.

[09:00] Working with Vendors – Effective methods of updating data when working with vendors.

[10:01] Dynamic Retargeting – How you can take advantage of dynamic ads for retargeting.

[11:33] Floor Plan Views Vs. Home Page Views – Showing different ads to visitors who view different sections of your website.

[13:13] More on Vendors – More tips & tricks about working with vendors.

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