5 Steps for Rebranding Apartments on Social Media

5 Steps for Rebranding Apartments on Social Media

Did you know 70% of marketers say that consistent branding is the most important element of building a community and retaining residents?

And that’s the challenge: How do you introduce a new identity without losing touch with your existing audience and residents?

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll break down how to rebrand your apartment community on social media and engage current and loyal residents as well as future residents.


Reasons For Rebranding 

It’s not uncommon in the multifamily housing industry for properties to go through one if not several rebrands in the course of the property’s lifetime. Some questions to consider:

  • “How intensive does the rebrand need to be? Refresh, reboot, or overhaul?”
  • “How will we measure the success of our rebrand?”
  • “What are you hoping to accomplish from the rebrand?”

Here are some reasons for rebranding in the multifamily industry sector.

  1. New Ownership
    Perhaps the property is being sold to a new ownership or property management company.
  2. Disgruntled Residents
    A less-than-desirable event may have taken place at the property and a new name and reputation are in store.
  3. A Shift in Focus or Messaging
    Whatever the case may be, a rebranding strategy is necessary.
  4.  With Remodeling Comes Rebranding
    Remodeling on the inside, why not remodel on the outside?

Step One: Access & Ownership to Social Media Pages

If you are transferring ownership or inheriting a Facebook or Instagram page from a previous owner, this can be quite the kerfuffle as Meta doesn’t make it easy on some of us. Here’s your guide to navigating the Metaverse or Getting Started with Facebook Business Manager.

Step Two: Visual Identity

For rebranding on social media, you’ll need to create, gather, and agree upon deliverables, whether with your internal team or vendor. Start with logos, graphics, and color schemes for your visual identity. 


Step Three: Social Media Handles and Hashtags

Your brand name, @brand social handles, social media bio copy, and hashtags. Opportunity to update any contact information (emails, phone numbers associated with the account).


Step Four: Announcement Strategy

Announcement copy and posts for social channels

  • For Instagram, posting a 3×3 grid is a visually aesthetic way to create a distinction between the old brand from the new, as we don’t recommend deleting an account or posts when rebranding.
  • Build momentum: A few posts to build anticipation of the rebrand and encourage followers and onsite teams to share.

Step Five: Monitor and Review Metrics

Has the rebrand resulted in increased engagement, followers, or website traffic?

You may not be able to draw conclusions right away, it may be weeks or even months to see results. However, a consistent posting schedule and posts that engage your audience will garner results and resident sentiment.



Property A | Student Housing Rebrand to Coliving Community | Custom Content Package

  • An 84-unit student housing property located in the heart of the University District in Seattle. With the major impacts of COVID-19 in 2020, the world was sent on a reinvention mission. The property was rebranded as a coliving community to attract and include a broader resident demographic, including gig workers, service industry professionals, healthcare workers, and those looking for a community offering flexible lease options.

  • A majority of the content consisted of life at the property and education around coliving along with posts highlighting the greater Seattle area and relevant lifestyle content to be inclusive of a wide demographic as well as an organic follower strategy.

  • Creative: Preference of photos with no logo overlay and updated bio copy to reflect the coliving brand and new hashtag strategy #coliving

Property B | Single Family Rentals | Evergreen Content Package

  • A single-family rental property that turned a new leaf under new ownership in Kyle, Texas.
  • Most engaging hashtags: #PropertyName #HomeforRent #KyleTexas

Next Step: You’re Ready to Rebrand

There you have it folks – an organic social rebrand strategy for your apartment community, without losing touch with your existing audience and residents. Not only is social media a great tool to leverage your apartment community’s brand with future residents, but current resident retention as well.

Regardless of the reason your property is in need of a rebranding strategy, these 5 simple steps will help you on your way – from gaining proper access to social platforms to a creative facelift and strategic rebrand rollout.


Questions? Need support with your Organic Social rebrand? Contact our team. 

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