Google My Business Insights: Explained

Have you ever wondered how future renters are interacting with your property’s Google My Business (GMB) listing? Well, what if we told you that you can actually view this data within your GMB profile! Surely by now most of you have seen the Insights tab on the left-hand menu in GMB. This tab explores how potential renters discover your listings within Google Search and Google Maps, while also explaining what actions they take after they find your property. Haven’t had time to dive deeper into what the Insights tab has to offer? Settle down at your desk with a fresh cup of joe, and let’s dive into what these insights mean and how your property can use it to its advantage. 

Words to Know in SEO: Search Engine Optimization

As marketers, we love our acronyms. Especially when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. At times, SEO lingo can sound like a foreign language. But don’t worry, we’ve got a DuoLingo-esque guide to key SEO terms for multifamily marketers to get a better understanding of SEO, data storytelling, and key performance indicators. Ready to rank? Let’s go.

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