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November 29, 2021
Local and Discovery Ads

When we think of paid search advertising, we think of a simple, straightforward ad consisting of a bold blue headline, a few description lines, and clickable links. Look familiar? The purpose of this ad is to push potential renters from […]

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October 9, 2020
AdFraud Presentation - Digible Summit 2020

Manny Puentes of Rebel AI discusses issues surrounding Ad Fraud at the Digible Summit 2020. Digital Advertising still lacks fundamental security measures, which has allowed ad fraud to be an ever-growing problem. Learn more!

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February 18, 2020
2019 Search Trends

Seasonality: a somewhat ominous and ambiguous term in the multifamily industry. A term that often generates more questions than answers -- How does seasonality impact budgeting? What does it mean for overall digital performance? And just how much does it specifically affect paid search campaigns? In order to answer these questions, we compiled data from several search campaigns that ran for the entirety of 2019. We dissected the results and came to some conclusions about the impact of seasonal trends on paid search. 

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September 22, 2019
Case Study: Call Quality & Behavior Analysis for Apartments

Phone calls come in all different shapes and sizes. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the quantity and quality of phone calls, as well as the patterns of caller behavior, in order to optimize both campaigns and customer service.

Research shows that keyword pool numbers provide a larger ratio of leads as compared to Google Ad Extensions, as seen in the graphics above. In other words, people who click on a PPC ad and then call from the on-site tracking number are more likely turn into leads than those who call directly from a PPC ad. However, it is also important to note that Google Ad Extensions do drive over three times more calls than keyword pool numbers.

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December 12, 2018
Misconceptions Around Google Ads in Multifamily

There is no denying the importance of PPC advertising in the multifamily industry. Not only does PPC provide the opportunity for quality leads, but it also gives access to in-depth audience insights and behavioral learnings. Google can be confusing and overwhelming at times, so we can assist in debunking common misconceptions around Google Ads in multifamily.

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November 14, 2018
Targeting Tips for PPC in Multifamily

Efficient search advertising relies on accurate and refined targeting. The goal of tailored targeting is to create well qualified traffic and in turn create quality leads. Investigating influences such as audience, location, household income, etc. are necessary for creating unique, tailored targeting.

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November 7, 2018
How to Utilize In-Market Audiences for Search

Using Google’s machine learning to analyze millions of searches and website behavior to identify users that are researching and comparing specific products for purchase, in-market audiences allow you to increase your bids or target specifically users who are currently in the market for your products. Read more to find out our tips & tricks!

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October 10, 2018
The New Google Ads Suite: Explained

Just a few months ago, Google began the process of streamlining their advertising products in a rebranding overhaul. In short, Google is retiring Adwords and DoubleClick, while introducing a few new names and products to their lineup. Google Adwords is now Google Ads, DoubleClick and Google Analytics are now joined as the Google Marketing Platform, and DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are joined as Google Ad Manager.

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July 18, 2018
What to Look for As Google Expands Store Visitation Reporting to SMB’s

AdWords (soon to be Google Ads) is expanding its Store Visitation reporting, formerly only available to large enterprise accounts, to SMB’s by the end of July. To enable this new reporting data will need to have a Google My Business account linked to their AdWords account and have active location extensions running. As this new reporting becomes available there are a few things you can do to prepare and be on the lookout for.

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July 3, 2018
Bid Modifiers: How Much to Adjust

Google AdWords (soon to be Google Ads) allows you to modify bids on several levels: time of day, day of the week, device, location, demographics and audiences. The key to taking advantage of these potential optimization opportunities is to know when and how much to adjust.

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June 11, 2018
Your Ad Copy Questions Answered

With Text Ads, Expanded Text Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, Dynamic Keyword Insertion, Ad Extensions, and new ad features being added to AdWords all the time, knowing what tactics to use and when can raise a lot of questions. While constant ad copy testing and optimizations are critical to improving your marketing performance here are a few questions answered to get your ads pointed in the right direction.

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May 11, 2018
Put Your Search Campaigns on a Diet: How to Make Limited Budgets Lean & Mean

Properties don’t have money to waste and now more than ever must stretch their smaller budgets as far as possible while still competing with the big dogs *cough* ILS *cough* of the industry. So, when going up against advertisers who can afford to run all day and all night how do you make your money count?

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