The Digible Dudes EP157: Addressing the Barriers to Housing Stability with Fiona Forward | Jill & Sophie

Welcome to episode #167 of the Digible Dudes Podcast with your hosts, David Staley and Reid Wicoff.

In this episode, we’re joined by Jill, a Senior Account Manager and President of Fiona Forward, and Sophie, an Account Manager and the Internal Communications Director at Digible.

Fiona Forward is an employee-driven volunteer initiative at Digible aimed at addressing the barriers to housing stability in the Denver-Metro area through community service and in-kind donations. Our purpose with Fiona Forward is to be an advocate for the improved quality of life for those in our community through service and donations.

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(00:00) Preview

(00:27) Introducing Jill & Sophie

(01:50) What is Fiona Forward’s Mission?

(04:15) 2023 Goals and Progress Review

(08:27) Creative Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

(14:10) Fiona Forward’s Impact on Remote Employees

(19:15) What is a Vision Traction Organization (VTO)

(22:41) Differentiating Between Nonprofit and Foundation Models

(28:17) Importance of Consistency in Community Contributions

(32:30) Benefits of Starting Small and Focusing Locally

(38:14) Enhancing Visibility and Impact of Fiona Forward

(41:01) Looking Ahead: Plans for 2024 and Beyond

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