Targeting Tips for PPC in Multifamily

Efficient search advertising relies on accurate and refined targeting. The goal of tailored targeting is to create well qualified traffic and in turn create quality leads. Investigating influences such as audience, location, household income, etc. are necessary for creating unique, tailored targeting.

Updated August 2023

Efficient search advertising relies on accurate and refined targeting. The goal of tailored targeting is to create well-qualified traffic and future residents for your property. Investigating demographic influences such as audience and location are necessary for creating unique, tailored targeting to attract renters.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

Simply put, PPC stands for “pay-per-click,” but what you may not realize is the wide range of ads and actions it encompasses. PPC is not limited to the ads you see at the top of search results, rather many types of ad placements are considered PPC advertising, like pop-ups in apps and on maps.

Basically, you pay for every click your ad receives.

The most common PPC strategy is to pay for clicks on an ad that drives users to your website. If you want more traffic, you have to pay for more clicks. Or pay more money for higher-quality clicks from a more targeted audience. Have you ever tried searching for yourself and wonder why your ad doesn’t show up? We tell you here.

PPC is a crucial part of a multifamily marketing strategy that should be balanced by other strategies, like SEO.

Multifamily Marketing & Refind Targeting

In the multifamily industry, targeting is mostly location and neighborhood-based, while also focusing on demographics, renter interests, and behavior during the decision process. The difficulty resides in the fact that real estate is an extremely local product.

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As the image illustrates, multifamily housing works best targeting people who are in a specific location, looking to rent, not in a lease or towards the end of their lease, and hence need to move in the near future. Seems almost too narrow to target, right? The good news, Digible offers an optimal target strategy: expiring lease targeting.

Expiring lease targeting does just what it sounds like, it targets renters whose leases are expiring over the next 90 days. This allows properties to narrow their ad spend and focus on the population who are most likely to be influenced by a paid ad. Contact us for any questions on how this can help your property.

Multifamily Audience Insights

  • Time of Day / Day of Week
    • It is important to consider a property’s leasing office hours, as well as the general flow of traffic for incoming calls. Do calls significantly decrease on the weekends? If so, bid down on Saturdays and Sundays. Does there tend to be an influx of calls between 12pm and 2pm? Bid up on specific hours, and down on low traffic hours, in order to spend marketing money most efficiently.
    • Ask us about our home-grown call tracking analytics, FionaCalls.
  • Location
    • Where is the property located? Does the neighborhood have a unique name? These are important questions for both location targeting and keyword creation. It is crucial for a property to target the radius around the apartment building itself in order to hit qualified traffic.

Test Pay-Per-Click Targeting

There’s always room for opportunity and improvement, but new discoveries will never happen unless time is taken to research. Whether you need support with call tracking or expired leases for resident retention goals, we’ve got your best interest and multifamily marketing strategy in mind to get the best back for your buck and ROI.

While this is a generalized approach to targeting for PPC in multifamily, it’s important to remember that every property has it’s own unique characteristics not to be overlooked. Contact us to see how we can take your PPC targeting to the next level.

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