Google Business Profile: What You Need to Know

Google Business Profile (GBP) is becoming one of the highest-converting online sources for organic renter traffic. Learn about the latest algorithm changes, and how it impacts your apartment community’s appearance in organic search results and improve visibility to increase organic search and traffic to your website.


Optimizing Your FAQs and Reviews

Firstly, you’ll want your Google Business Profile optimized with keywords, but avoid keyword stuffing your GBP name as that could lead to a potential suspension from Google.

Example: The Digible Apartments
Avoid: Luxury Denver Apartments – The Digible Apartments

Be mindful of the search terms in the algorithm, if you have any questions, our team can support your SEO strategy.

  • Increase Content. Such as Google Posts and FAQs listed. With FAQs, properties can list out commonly asked questions with answers, such as pet policy, parking, section 8 housing, etc. Utilize your website content to help answer FAQs future residents might have about your property. If you do decide to run leasing specials, adding a disclaimer, such as “Subject to Change” is best practice.

  • Reviews. Many onsite teams have found success with QR codes when asking for feedback and reviews. And then there’s also the dreaded negative apartment reviews. Not responding to reviews is unfavorable, and with reviews, it’s an opportunity to take the conversation offline and shows that your property takes resident feedback seriously and is proactive in seeking solutions or improvements in the community. Read more on Reputation Management for Apartments.

GBP Posting Cadence

How often should you be posting on your GBP? Great question!

Google rewards those who post frequently and consistently. With daily Google posts, we see an increase in Quality Traffic, resulting in users being more likely to visit more pages, stay on-site longer, and convert as well as an increase in map views for a property’s listing. We saw that this optimization on the listing could add an average of a 5% increase in map views.

Relieve the stress from your team, we’ve got you covered with automated Daily Google Posts.

GBP for Lease Ups or New Builds

There are some challenges that come with setting up a GBP for lease-ups and new builds, typically within Maps. We wish there was a simple and straightforward solution for multifamily marketers to verify their new property listings, but that unfortunately isn’t the case with Google.

Some things to consider when setting up your Google Business Profile.

  • Does the property have proper and permanent signage up on and within the property?
  • Does your property have original interior images that are not used on other profiles or websites (this also does not include renderings)?
  • Does your property have an office onsite that is accepting mail?

If you responded to any of those questions with yes!, Digible can help you get your property’s Google listing up and verified for future residents to see. You can read more in our blog with step-by-step instructions on getting your property GBP verified.

Final Thoughts on GBP

More than 50% of Google Business Profile interactions produce website visits. You’ll want your property’s profile to be optimized with keywords, content, and reviews, along with a consistent and frequent Google post schedule to improve visibility and increase search and traffic to your website.

Need support with your SEO and Organic Media strategy? Drop us a line.

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