What makes future and current residents like, click, or follow your apartment community content?

Personality. But the question is, “How do you make your marketing strategy and organic content something people want to interact with?”

We’ll spill the T. Here are three tips for adding personality and flair to your property to attract and retain renters. 



Building Your Community Brand

Brand loyalty and trust are no doubt, crucial. When your audience feels seen and heard, they feel valued. When they feel valued, they become loyal. Therefore, your audience is more likely to follow, engage, and reshare content they connect with, so ensure your content is authentic, genuine, humble, and most importantly, adds value. Keep in mind, people remember visual information 65% longer than text.

Give the people what they want:
“58% wants content that makes you laugh, 38% want special offers, 28% align with current events”

  • Sell your property brand through storytelling: Include sensory detail, humor, and charisma to provide future residents with an engaging insight into life at your property, WHY they should live there, and what makes the property brand unique to set you apart from the competition. Don’t forget to keep social media social, as not every post should be a sales pitch.

  • Call-to-Action Best Practice. When sharing resources, it is best to put social links or CTAs at the bottom left of the content and/or caption, however, on Instagram, the CTA can be “link in bio”.

  • Provide Value and Cultivate Trust: Focus on what your audience needs when researching apartments, not what you want from them, like signing a lease right away. Trust is built over time, with consistency. Use branded content and a consistent posting schedule to build community and show how your property delivers on its promises.

Cross-Promotional Social Content Strategy

One component of a strong content strategy is incorporating a cross-promotional strategy as part of your content matrix. This not only builds rapport with residents and local points of interest and/or partners, but creates an opportunity to reach a broader audience by leveraging others’ networks, and ultimately developing a local and loyal following. You might be asking, “What does a cross-promotional strategy look like?”

  • Share of Voice: This includes tagging or mentioning local businesses or points of interest, such as eateries, health, and wellness, local events, etc.

  • Celebrate Success. This could be highlighting a new team member, new community amenities,  or a grand opening of a local business.

  • Resharing Content. This could look like user-generated social content (USG) from residents and/or local partnerships featured on your stories.

  • Here are some more insights into having a strong social media strategy for your apartment community.

Compassionate Candor

Unforeseen events happen at the property level. From maintenance debacles to community amenities needing tending to, there’s never a dull moment in property management. Being proactive in addressing onsite issues is a step in the right direction to ensuring residents are heard, opportunities for improvement, and rectifying the situation at hand.

Listen and Respond.

  • Only 30% of social media comments receive a response or message.
    Ensure your team is responding to social media comments, reviews, and even Facebook paid ads so residents are heard and know the team is aware of the situation and taking necessary steps to resolve the issue.

  • “Life is full of ups and downs. Our elevator is not. Thank you for your patience as our team is working hard to repair our elevator.”
    Be genuine, and empathetic, and avoid being performative in your messaging or tone-deaf. Here’s an example of an apartment community with an elevator undergoing repairs:

Takeaways for Adding Personality to Your Property

Make your apartment community stand out from the competition by adding personality and flair to your marketing strategy and content to attract and retain renters to reach your social media and content goals.

  • Ensure your brand strategy provides value and trust through brand storytelling and CTA best practices. Keep your content authentic, genuine, and humble and your audience is more likely to follow, engage, and reshare the content they connect with.

  • Incorporating a cross-promotional strategy by celebrating successes, the share of voice, and resharing user-generated content to read a broader audience to develop a local and loyal following.

  • Utilizing compassionate candor to listen and respond to what residents are saying about your property and taking feedback seriously in a proactive approach.

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