EP91: MeetElise Your Multifamily AI Leasing Assistant

New innovations in software technologies have been entering the real estate market at a rapid pace in the last few years. And these new technologies are constantly redefining the way consumers interact with the industry. In today’s episode, we explore another unique product that helps the real estate industry by using artificial intelligence. Mat Nieves, Head of Growth & Partnerships at MeetElise joins us today to dive into the amazing features the platform offers.

We start the conversation with a quick look at Mat’s career. He started his career with the real estate marketplace Zillow and then went on to join MeetElise to work on its AI solutions. MeetElise has been showing amazing growth over a relatively short period. We dive into the strategies and traits of their technologies that contributed to this rapid growth. We also touch on the market segment MeetElise is trying to cater to and some of their competitors as well.

MeetElise is quite different from its competitors in terms of the technology and how it’s integrated. It introduces a whole new level of features for nurturing leads, automating lots of work that is typically carried out manually. Mat talks about how MeetElise better integrates into the client’s systems compared to its competitors.

Another area we touch on is the unique onboarding process of MeetElise that has contributed to its popularity. We dive deep into the process of implementing, testing, and making the process smooth. We also talked about some of the challenges the team had faced and what they did to overcome them. Wrapping up the episode, Mat shares his take on how the future of real estate may evolve with the increased usage of automation technologies.

[11:48] Mat’s Background – How Mat started in the real estate industry and his journey to his current role at MeetElise

[13:30] Rapid Growth – Mat shares his take on what contributed to the quick growth of MeetElise in the last few years.

[16:04] Product and Market – Mat talks about what the target market segment of MeetElise is and how MeetElise differs from traditional chat-bots.

[21:02] Nurturing Leads – Mat compares existing technologies used in the real estate market in terms of the effectiveness of nurturing leads against what they offer at MeetElise.

[30:22] Partnerships – Mat talks about the possibility of creating partnerships with other players in the industry over the next few years.

[33:24] Challenges – Some of the challenges the MeetElise team had to face in the market and the measures they took to resolve the challenges.

[37:05] Onboarding – We dive into the onboarding process of MeetElise, and some of the things they pay a lot of attention to when integrating with their clients’ systems.

[40:21] Transparency – Why transparency matters in real estate, new automation technologies have been implementing increasingly more transparent options for consumers and how this tendency may evolve in the near future.

[47:51] Hot Take & Predictions – Mat shares his hot take on how the traditional leasing staffing model is going to be changed in the next few years and some other predictions based on the data they’ve seen at MeetElise

Meet Elise: www.meetelise.com

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