EP92: Digible’s 2021 Recap and 2022 Road Ahead

2021 was a year of tremendous growth and transformation for Digible. With the arrival of 2022, we dedicated this episode to talking about exciting things that happened in 2021, as well as what to expect from Digible in the year ahead. Joining the podcast today are the three founding members of Digible, David, Nicole, and Reid.

We start the conversation by reflecting on how we came back to the office in June 2021. Due to the pandemic, Digible transitioned to remote work in 2020 and since then has been implementing numerous processes to make the remote work as smooth as possible and to create a better remort work environment for the team. We talked about how it felt to be at the office again, the pros and cons of being in the office compared to remote work, and reminisced on the year-end celebrations.

Another part of returning to the normal routine was travel. Nicole shares her experience of traveling to different places to meet stakeholders and how the in-person meetings helped improve professional relationships. Nicole also touches on the measures Digible took to improve internal communications and some of the onboarding and training processes that enabled a fast-growing environment.

Diving into Digible’s future plans, we talk about what customers can expect from Digible in terms of products and features. We also touch on potential partnerships of 2022 and Digible’s goals for 2022.

[00:53] Coming Back to the Office – Nicole reflects on the process of coming back to the office after a long time of remote work.

[07:01] Year-end Celebrations – Reid and David share some fun memories related to the year-end celebration and some of the achievements of Digible in the year 2021.

[12:08] Travelling – Nicole shares how it felt to travel to meet clients and foster relationships.

[16:38] Products – The Digible team product development initiatives in 2021.

[21:00] Communication – Nicole shares her thoughts on how the team overcame challenges associated with maintaining internal communication in a fast-moving environment.

[24:00] Onboarding and Training – Reid reflects on the process Digible implemented in 2021 for onboarding new staff members and training them that enabled Digible to grow at a fast pace.

[28:34] Future Plans – Nicole dives into what new features of Fiona that customers can expect to be rolled out in the year 2022.

[32:18] New Products – Reid talks about some of the upcoming Digible products he’s excited about.

[37:57] Partnerships – The potential Digible has for building new partnerships and strengthening existing partnerships in 2022.

[40:00] Goals – Nicole shares her thoughts on goals for 2022, emphasizing her expectations for implementing new procedures for recruiting talent and some predictions for the year ahead.

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