EP83: Apartmentalize Conference | 2021 Recap

Apartmentalize, the annual conference from the National Apartment Association was held from August 30th – September 2nd. Although Digible wasn’t present at the conference as a vendor, David, Reid, and Nicole made sure to be there as attendees. Throughout this episode, we dive into the highlights of the conference, interesting solutions presented at the conference, and some of the key takeaways.

We start the conversation with how the general ambiance was at the event. David, Reid, and Nicole share their thoughts on their first impressions about the event and how the logistics were handled compared to past NAA conferences. We discuss the unique vendor-to-vendor interactions and how this allows vendors to build partnerships.

Nicole shares her thoughts on the possibility of having a Digible booth at the next iteration of the conference. Building on that, Reid and David share their thoughts on how NAA and other industry events open up opportunities to connect with potential customers and stay up to date with the newest innovations in the industry.

The way businesses get information about their markets has been drastically changed over the last decade, and the real estate industry is no exception. We talk about how marketers are relying more and more on statistical analysis and AI tools and how this trend may shape the future. Wrapping up the episode, we cover the interesting concepts that made the conference memorable.

[01:02] First Impressions – David starts the conversation with his first impressions about the event, the ambiance, and the attendance compared to the previous one.

[06:23] Vendor to Vendor – Reid & Nicole share their takes on how the event facilitated vendor-to-vendor interactions and opportunities for building partnerships and collaborations.

[06:23] Next Year – Nicole talks about the possibility of Digible having a booth at the next NAA.

[11:44] Digible & Events – Reid shares his take on how Digible might be attending industry events in the future and possible opportunities that might emerge.

[19:07] Consumerization – How consumerization is impacting events such as NAA and how new technologies are coming into play.

[24:33] Analytics – Reid shares his thoughts on what he’s seen at NAA 21 about surveying statistics and how AI tools featuring in-depth analytics features may lead the future of marketing strategies.

[29:07] Highlights – We talk about some of the interesting, innovative solutions and new technologies presented at NAA along with key takeaways from the event.

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