EP79: Digible’s Vision

Welcome back to the Dible Dudes podcast. This week, we have David, Reid, and Nicole, the three co-founders of Digible to dive deep into a conversation that every company should focus on at some point in the lifetime of the business; the vision. In this episode, we talk about what inspired the start of Digible, how the vision evolved over the years, the framework used to develop Digible’s vision, and some of the out-of-the-box strategies Digible uses to build a better work culture and make the world a better place.

Whether in life, or a business venture, it’s a crucial step to figure out the purpose, core values, and what your goals are. We start today’s conversation with a brief review of how the Digible team made their purpose and core values clear and some of the things that inspired the whole business venture. In several of our previous episodes, we’ve talked about some of the books written by Jim Collins. The Vision Framework by Jom Collins is a great resource that helps entrepreneurs get their vision made clear. We dive deep into the technicalities of the framework and how it paved the path to creating and developing Digible’s vision.

If you search for #digibledogs on LinkedIn or Instagram, you’re going to some of the little friends we have at Digible. And that is just one of the many out-of-the-box things we do at Digible to create a work environment that makes the typical day of work more exciting than ever. We talk about why Digible is dedicated to creating a better work culture, some of the strategies Digible utilizes to make it happen, such as introducing a four-day workweek, and how these efforts have improved the culture of Digible.

Another area we explore in this episode is the BHAG, aka the big hairy audacious goal. We talk about Digible’s BHAG, the process of defining the BHAG and its key components, Digible’s long-term and short-term goals to expand the business, make its technology available for more users, and ultimately make the world a better place.

[01:37] Purpose, Vision, and Mission – We talk about the journey of finding purpose, core values, and the ultimate goal for the company, and what inspired the business venture.

[07:11] Vision Framework – Reid dives into the nuts and bolts of the framework used at Digible to develop the vision of the company.

[12:40] Focus & Niches – David & Nicole discuss how they took into account the long-term expectation of the company and the short-term niches when determining the mission statements.

[17:21] Employee Culture – Digible’s plans of doing things differently in order to create a better culture in which employees can thrive and how Digible is dedicated to adopting the four-day workweek.

[21:27] Progressive Change – Reid talks about some of the work DIgible is doing in order to be a catalyst for progressive change.

[24:46] Future Plans for Technology – How Digible will be updating its technology to expand the business and make Digible’s technology available for a wider range of users.

[26:49] The BHAG – We talk about where the term B-HAG came from and what’s behind the big hairy audacious goal of Digible.

[32:56] Road to the BHAG – We talk about the importance and the process of breaking down the big hairy audacious goals into a set of key components.

[37:40] Beyond Revenue – Why Digible is geared toward building a better, more collaborative work environment and making the world a better place rather than being a typical revenue-focused company.


Vision Framework by Jim Collins:

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