EP80: Entrata Raises $507M

Entrata has a long history in the property management industry. And it’s also been an inspiring company. David and Reid dive into the conversation by talking about their history and why Entrata is one of the companies they look up to. Although they’ve been under the radar for almost two decades, Entrata has been performing extremely well. We talk about the performance metrics of Entrata and how their performance data may have contributed to securing this huge investment.

After receiving this huge investment, Entrata will have great potential to grow bigger and push its boundaries. This may include entering into a whole different arena with bigger competitors and new markets. David shares his thoughts on what it might look like when they have to compete against a new set of businesses and how the company may change its direction.

Another area we cover today is the possibility of Entrata going international. Making software solutions available to new markets is always a complex process that calls for more resources and careful planning and oversight. We talk about possible steps Entrata might have to take and possible acquisitions it may have to make in order to go international, and how they’ll have to manage investor expectations while going through a major transformation. Toward the end of the episode, Reid and David share their thoughts on what it’ll be like when Digible becomes two decades old and some shocking but fascinating statistics on what happens o most major acquisitions.

[01:08] Entrata’s Way – David & Reid talk about their experience with Entrata and why Entrata has been one of the self-funded companies that they look up to.

[04:38] What the Numbers Say – Entrata has been in business for almost two decades and growing significantly. David breaks down the numbers of how they’ve been performing and what probably helped them secure this huge investment.

[07:09] New Weight Class – Now that Entrata has secured a half-a-billion investment, they’ll be entering a different environment. David shares his take on who Entrata will be competing against and the direction the company may be heading in the near future.

[12:01] Going International – The possibility of Entrata entering new markets across the globe and possible steps they’ll have to take and acquisitions they might have to make.

[17:31] Human Resources – David shares his take on Entrata’s way of staffing and how it may change now that they have this huge investment.

[22:00] Investor Expectations – What Entrata may have to consider in the future in terms of maintaining expectations of investors if they’re going international, which may be a long business venture.

[26:46] Digible at 18 Years – Reid shares his take on what he thinks it’ll be like when Digible is as old as Entrata is right now.

[32:43] Success in Acquisitions – According to Harvard Business Review, typically 70-90% of acquisitions are abysmal failures. David & Reid talk about the shocking nature of this finding and how it would influence Entrata’s potential acquisitions in the future.

[36:37] Predictions – David shares his thoughts on how Entrata might be doing things differently in the near future.


Entrata Raises $507 Million After 18 Years Bootstrapped, Making It Utah’s Newest Software Unicorn: forbes.com/sites/alexkonrad/2021/07/07/utah-unicorn-entrata-raises-507-million-after-18-years-bootstrapped

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