EP74: Pynwheel’s NEW Self Guided Tours – Jennifer Cyphers, Founder & CEO

We’re back with another fascinating episode of the DIgible Dudes Podcast. Our guest today is a pioneer in introducing new technologies to the multi-family industry. Jennifer Cyphers, Founder & CEO of Pynwheel, joins us today to talk about their new solution, Self Guided Tours. Throughout the episode, we dive into the story of Pynwheel, their innovative solutions, industry trends, and more.

We dive into the conversation with a retrospect of Jennifer’s career journey. Jennifer had plans to go to medical school at the beginning of her career. We talk about how her career shifted to a totally different path, in which she thrived later on. Jennifer shares with us what she learned from working in several different roles in the multi-family industry and how her experience inspired her to start Pynwheel.

Pynwheel is a company that focuses on providing innovative technology solutions to modernize the on-site tour. Jennifer dives into what Pynwheel offers to its customers and how its solutions help their clients improve their business. We also talk about the process of setting up Pynwheel’s self-guided tours and the philosophy she and her team follow at Pynwheel to take feedback from stakeholders and use it to continuously improve their products.

In the next section, Jennifer shares her thoughts on the way the industry has changed over the years, the impact of COVID, and how new technologies are pushing the industry toward significant changes in the workforce. We also talk about some of the partnerships Pynwheel has created to offer more innovative solutions to its customers. In recent months, both Pynwheel and DIgible have tried four-day workweeks. Wrapping up the conversation, David, Reid, and Jennifer share their thoughts on how it influenced the workflow of the business.

[12:00] Jennifer’s Story – We talk about how Jennifer got started in the multi-family industry and how it paved the way to starting her brainchild, Pynwheel.

[21:03] Pynwheel – Jennifer dives into why she wanted to start Pynwheel, the unique value proposition of Pynwheel, and how they have evolved over the years.

[33:45] Introducing New Products – When starting a new product or service, you can either create a new company for that or deliver it under your existing brand. Jennifer dives into the pros and cons of each of these tactics.

[37:35] Product Feedback – Jennifer shares with us how they approached taking feedback from consumers and using them to improve their work.

[41:00] Self-guided Tours – Jennifer talks about what they offer to their clients at Pyhwheel and the process of getting started and setting up the self-guided tours.

[51:45] Incorporating Technology – New trends Jennifer sees emerging in the multi-family industry in terms of implementing new technologies.

[59:00] Partnerships – Jennifer talks about some of the partnerships they’ve built with other smart technology providers to offer more innovative solutions to customers.

[1:06:25] Workforce in the Industry – Jennifer shares her take on how the implementation of new automated technologies may change the workforce dynamics in the coming years.

[1:14:48] Future Vision – We talk about how Pynwheel’s trajectory may look like in the next decade and Jennifer’s goals for the company.

[1:20:34] Work Week – Both Digible and Pynwheel have experimented with four-day workweeks. We talk about how it changed the workflow and the mindset of the staff.

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