EP71: BE 2.0 by Jim Collins – A Book That Has Greatly Influenced Digible

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. We are back again with another interesting episode of David and Reid dedicated to a most recent book they read, Beyond Entrepreneurship by James M. Collins. Stay tuned until the end of the episode, where David and Reid dive deep into how that book impacts them and how they are going to launch the parts of that book into the company.

Starting the conversation, David shares how he became aware of the author Jim Collins saying that he couldn’t keep down his book Beyond Entrepreneurship because he believed that this book would help him to have a better idea about long-term disciplines to grow the company.

Then, David and Reid share their attitude about the books you need to read if you are an entrepreneur or a founder or if you are just looking for answers, but according to David, it depends on your intentions.

In the next part, David and Reid both share their key takeaways from the book, saying that the book helped them to figure out what needs to be done next for the company because the company has got a big deal of reputation in a short period.

Further down to the episode, David and Reid share their motivation for the carrier, saying that it’s not the money but the influence showing Patagonia clothing company as an example of a business that influences society rather than earning money.

Continuing the conversation, David digs deep into the term Discipline in an organization, saying that building discipline is super hard as well as it’s super important.

Then, David talks about the risks you are about to get when launching a new product and saying you can’t fail too often because you have a reputation to maintain.

Wrapping up the conversation, David and Reid talk about the one last question they want to ask from James Collins, the author of Beyond Entrepreneurship, saying that they want to ask him what they should care about in Digible among those valuable lessons mentioned in the book.

[06.09] Jim Collins – Who is Jim Collins and his book Beyond Entrepreneurship.

[08.20] The Best Books – David & Reid talk about some of the best books for an entrepreneur or a founder; The Lost And Founder by Rand Fishkin , Jim Collin’s Beyond Entrepreneurship.

[16.42] Key Takeaways from the Book – Getting aligned with purpose, mission, and vision and building core values happen to be the key takeaways of David and Reid from the book.

[26.36] Motivation for Carrier – Best career motivation is not money but social influence like putting the right people in the right places.

[00.35] Discipline- What kind of discipline an organization needs to have, and how hard it to be achieved when a company is growing fast.

[09.02] Launching a New Product – How it is to launch new products for a company like Digible and James Collin’s attitude about a new product launching in his book Beyond Entrepreneurship.

[17.16] One Question for James Collins – What they should pay attention to and what they should ignore when it comes to Digible.


Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup:

Beyond Entrepreneurship: Turning Your Business Into an Enduring Great Company:

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