Digible Snack: RLSA Ads – A Case Study

Welcome back to another snack episode of the Digible Dudes podcast. Today we have two guests on the show; Megan Haase, Digital Strategy Lead at Digible Inc, and Adm Walters, Director of Paid Media at Digible Inc. Throughout the last few weeks, Megan and adam have been trying out a new ad strategy; remarketing lists for search ads, aka RLSA, which is a feature of Google ads that lets you customize your search ads campaign for previous visitors of your website, and customize your bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google and their partner sites.

Megan starts the conversation with an explanation of what RLSA ads are, how they work, and how it differs from traditional retargeting ads. She dives into the results of their experiment on RLSA ads and what they learned from it. Another area we focus on today’s episode is managing keywords. Keywords are a crucial aspect of any ad campaign. Adam and Megan share their thoughts about how keywords come into play for RLSA ads and strategies for determining keywords that target the most relevant people for the ads.

In the next part of the episode, we dive into the money management aspect, where Adam talks in-depth about strategies for budgeting for RLSA ad campaigns. Wrapping up the episode, David and Adam share their thoughts on combining RLSA with other channels and how it can be beneficial to campaigns with small budgets.

[00:51] Introduction – Megan explains what RLSA ads are and how they work.

[03:28] Tests Results – How the Digible team’s test on RLSA ads went and how the ads performed throughout the experiment.

[05:08] Keywords – Megan dives into what sort of keywords work best to reach the most relevant users and what marketers should keep in mind about keywords for RLSA ads.

[07:03] Privacy Measures – Adam weighs in about the technical aspects of tracking used for RLSA ads and how Google’s cookie ban may impact it.

[09:26] Budgeting – Adam shares his thoughts on the best ways to set realistic budgets for RLSA ad campaigns.

[11:19] Combining with Other Channels – David pivots the conversations to a tactic for businesses with small budgets where they can take advantage of combining RLSA ads with other inexpensive channels that gets traffic to websites.

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