EP70: White-labeling – What You Should Know & Talk to Your Vendors About

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. We are here with another interesting episode dedicated to diving deep into a fascinating marketing concept: white-labeling. Throughout the episode, we talk about what white labeling is, the pros and cons of white labeling, common concerns of marketers regarding white labeling, what questions you should ask if you are interested in white labeling. Stay tuned until the end of the episode, where David and Reid dig deep into this concept.

Reid shares the cause of getting into white labeling after his conversation with Melissa Robins, a marketer. Beginning the conversation, Reid explains what White Labeling and some of the traits white labeling has in common sub-contracting.

Then, David talks about the two types of white labeling, the services aspect of white labeling and the technical side of white labeling. Furthermore, they dig into those two types and discuss things like if there are negative effects of white labeling, the process of the technical aspect of white labeling, and the people who you work with within the service aspect of white labeling.

Then David and Reid share their take on outsourcing work to another company like Digible and the alterations they have for that within Digible. In the next part of the conversation, David shares his thoughts about how does and does not scale the white labeling saying that, if you are a businessman, then you are in a better position of doing that.

Then David and Reid pay their attention to the pricing in white labeling. According to David, it’s not dissimilar to the marketplace in the management fee, pointing out some of the statistics of management fees in white labeling. And Reid says it’s challenging to deal with staffing in the whole equation of account management and campaign management.

[00.23] Why White-label?- The reasons for a company to utilize white labeling as a marketing strategy.

[09.46] Understanding White Labeling – What is white labeling, and how it works.

[14.10] Types of White Labeling- The two aspects of white labeling and when to use each type.

[29.30] Comparison – David & Reid discusses several aspects of white labeling versus not white labeling.

[34.11] Outsourcing – How outsourcing fits into the white labeling and how marketers can improve their strategies by outsourcing certain tasks.

[37.09] Pricing of White Labeling- The management fee in the marketplace of white labeling and the challenges that come up when doing the staffing in account management and campaign management.

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