EP59: Anti-Trust against Facebook, Google, and Amazon?

We’re back with another interesting episode of the Digible Dudes podcast. This week our focus is on antitrust lawsuits against tech giants and how they may influence the way we interact with our favorite tech platforms. 2020 was a big year for antitrust investigation where several tech companies, including Facebook, Google, and Apple, were brought into the spotlight due to their questionable practices on acquisitions and partnerships. In today’s episode, David and Reid take a deep dive into these antitrust cases against Facebook, Google, and Amazon and what they mean for advertisers and consumers.

Starting the conversation, Reid shares his thoughts on why antitrust cases have become a big concern in recent years and why it takes time to prepare and process these suits. Talking about what amplified the interest in antitrust cases, Reid talks about the 2020 Netflix documentary, “The Social Dilemma,” which addresses another aspect of the “big tech” conversation. David and Reid share their take on how this shapes the way consumers perceive tech giants and what it may mean for advertisers.

Then Reid shares his thoughts about the consumer’s experience on having Facebook, Instagram being separate entities as opposed to being connected. In the next part of the episode, David and Reid share an interesting set of thoughts on what they are going to do about the current situation related to antitrust practices if they are in charge of Facebook at present.

In the next section, David talks about the way big tech companies were hiring people in 2020 in comparison to the last year and how it was influenced by what happened as a result of COVID. Further down in the episode, Reid shares his thoughts on the role of the consumer and why we must be mindful about the way we’re using technology so that we can take advantage of the new technologies without being victims of them.

[35.34] Concerns About Facebook’s APIs – Facebook shut down their social graph API due to privacy concerns five years ago. David dives into what this type of change may mean for smaller companies that depend on APIs like Facebook’s social graph.

[15.51] Antitrust Trends – Why we hear lots about antitrust suits in recent months, why it takes time to process, and how the political situation might have influenced this trend.

[19.24] What Accelerated Anti-trust Suits – How events in recent years such as the Cambridge Analytica incident triggered a new wave of attention towards how corporate behemoths deal with acquisitions.

[25.39] Consumer Experience – David & Reid share their thoughts on how the consumer experience may change if Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram become completely separate entities, versus being connected the way they are right now.

[30:00] Concerns About Data – Social media and lots of other tech giants use their user data to generate income. David & Reid talk about the concerns among users about how tech companies handle information of their users.

[44.26] Human Resources – How the giant companies have behaved in the last two years in terms of hiring employees.

[49.57] Consumer’s Role – David & Reid share their thoughts on how consumers must prepare for new trends in the tech landscape.

[54.09] The Google Empire – Just like other tech giants, Google is also getting attention to their practices related to antri-trust concerns. David and Reid talk about what it might look like if different divisions of Google are broken apart and what it may mean for advertisers and consumers.

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