Ode to 2020

Read our Founder’s poetic recap of the year that was 2020 - Oh, where to begin…


Digible’s Ode to 2020

Oh, where to begin

With a year like 2020?

No comparison is akin

Hot messes were plenty.

Wildfires spread with rage;

Racial tensions exploded;

Political chaos took the stage,

But nothing Trumped Covid.

Now let’s back up a bit –

Or maybe a lot –

Before the shit hit,

When the world had a shot.

That means January, of course.

If you can think 12 months back?

It was about hope, not remorse,

Life was on track.

Digible was growing –

Perhaps a little too fast.

Which way were we rowing?

We needed a mast.

It came from our Prez

In the form of a book.

David delivered otra vez

EOS was his hook.

“What’s that?”, we all asked.

“An operating compass”, he replied.

“That’s great!”, Reid gasped.

“We could use a damn guide”.

EOS quickly took hold

And in the nick of time.

The method was gold,

And it’s software was prime.

Meanwhile, we grew headcount,

And work space was shrinking

The problem would soon mount

Until we got to thinking.

We need a much bigger crib –

A home for Digible’s future.

But we must not be glib.

This required a permanent suture.

So, we signed a new lease

With 6,500 square feet.

It provided us some peace

And looked mighty sweet.

Then, the virus showed up.

And sent us upside down.

We were still just a pup –

The new kid in town.

We couldn’t believe it.

How would we survive?

It would summon true grit,

And unrelenting drive.

Luckily, our industry stood fast,

And adapted rather quickly.

Something it’s done in the past,

Whenever housing got prickly.

Properties got creative,

And marketers followed suit.

They tested TikTok and Native

And Digital Audio to boot.

Not everything worked

Some occupancy still fell.

Could interest be perked?

Should we conjure a spell?

Instead, we took a hard right.

And launched a comic strip.

Something brainless and lite

To help us all get a grip.

We entered mid June

With trends actually improving.

We’d be back together soon,

And business was grooving.

We had over 40 FTEs

And just passed 10 mil.

It was definitely no breeze,

But we’d climbed a big hill.

Then, came the surge.

Covid wasn’t retreating.

We weren’t on the verge.

It all felt so defeating.

Back to isolation,

Back to doom and gloom,

Back to stagnation,

Back to mother fuckin Zoom.

Okay, now let’s hit pause

And stop this self-pity,

For we have little cause

Compared to so many.

We should be grateful,

Loving and humble,

Not feed the hateful

Or shovel more grumble.

So, we kept our chins up

And our spirits high.

We refilled our cup

And stopped asking why.

We hosted DS20 online

With a dude named Karan.

He made the event shine

And was a legit DJ Baron.

Then, there’s our Lady in Pink.

Blooming ever more.

Now fast as a wink

Surprises behind every door.

Shout out to Team DNA

And our Goonie engineers –

Coding and ETL-ing away,

Pouring in their BS and tears.

Less we not forget

About our agency peeps.

We’re all in your debt.

Your teams have helped heaps.

From CS to PM to Organic

Each group raised its game.

They embraced the Manic

And somehow, made it feel tame.

Elsewhere, the Dudes kept casting

OpEds, POVs, Hot Takes etal

The show seems to be lasting

Even if the audience is small.

Last stop on this trip?

“Fiona Forward” lane.

Digible’s “do-good” ship.

Our “make-a-difference” train.

We supported Spark the Change,

Children’s Hospital, and BLM.

We added purpose and range.

We nurtured the company gem.

Now the curtains must close,

And we thank you all.

2020 was definitely no rose,

But together we stood tall.

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