EP56 – Digible 2020 – The Founders Reflect

We’re back with another episode of the Digible Dudes podcast. In today’s episode, we’ve got the three founders of Digible, David Staley, Reid Wicoff, and Nicole Staley, here to talk about the capturing moments of the year 2020 and how they influenced the business and the industry.

Starting the conversation, the three of them share their thoughts on the most significant memory in the 2020s: EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, which had the greatest impact on the company, according to Reid. In the next part of the episode, they talk about the impacts of COVID on their business. They talk about how there was not a great deal of impact on their field, but there were challenging situations with hiring and relocating people.

Further down in the episode, they share their thoughts about the year’s key memories, which happens to be the new headquarters and another financial milestone. Moving on, they talk about the biggest surprises they had in 2020. Nicole shares her thoughts on the biggest surprises she had, including the team’s growth of revenue this year.

Continuing the conversation, they share their thoughts about the predictions for the coming. Reid predicts that they will be a preferred vendor by the end of 2021. According to Nicole, she’s expecting the growth of different service opportunities. David shares his thoughts on how the compliance aspect of the business is going to get bigger in the upcoming year.

At the end of the episode, they talk about some exciting memories they had throughout the year. Wrapping up the conversation, they share their thoughts on how the coming year will be.

[10.59] EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System – What is EOS and how entrepreneurs can optimize their business by implementing the concepts of EOS.

[21.33] COVID Pandemic – How the COVID outbreak affected the culture of business and other aspects of the company.

[26.54] Key Memories – The key memories and most exciting events of the year.

[33.54] The Biggest Surprise of the Year – Our founders reflect on the biggest surprises they had through the year 2020.

[44.34] Predictions for the Coming Year – Prophecies for the coming new year about the company and the industry.

[50.46] Funniest Memories in 2020 – David, Nicole, and Reid share the funniest memories they had in 2020.

[57.46] Final Thoughts – Our founders share their plans for the year 2020 to make the growth of Digible sustainable and to create a better environment for everyone involved in the business.

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