EP55 – Year End Transitions – Vendors, Budgets, Optimizations, & Tech

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. In today’s episode, we have Isobel Parish as our guest. Isobel is a client services manager at Digible. Throughout today’s episode, we will be discussing some valuable things surrounding transitions that could be beneficial at the year-end in several aspects of apartment marketing, including budgeting, optimization, setting up tests, and many more.

Getting into the conversation, Isobel talks about her planning at the end of the year and how she intends to take some time off for Christmas. She shares her take on ways to manage planning for the start of the next year effectively during the holidays. In the next part of the conversation, Isobel talks about vendors and clients and the things you need to do for the coming year. Building on Isobel’s thoughts, Reid shares his thoughts from the perspective of an operator about the coming new year season, which is different from other new year seasons because of the COVID outbreak. He also talks about being defensive with money spending in the coming year.

Reid then shares his thoughts about the general public and their movements with the COVID pandemic and how that affects the apartment industry. Further down in the episode, both Isobel and Reid share their thoughts about budget planning and situational planning for the coming season, which is going to be different from other new years, and how the clients should manage their transitions with vendors.

In the next part of the episode, Reid talks about the new opportunities coming with the new year and how he will cooperate with his vendors. Wrapping up the conversation, Isobel and Reid talk about their top pro tips for the coming year.

[13.08] Year-end Planning – How to start planning the next year effectively during the holidays.

[16.57] Vendors and Clients – What clients should consider doing in order to optimize their connection with their vendors.

[23.38] Handling Vendors – Incorporating data, annual budget plans, and situational planning in the decision-making process for vendors.

[26.39] Situational Planning – The importance of situational planning to prepare for the coming year.

[32.06] Other Opportunities – The opportunities you can make use of and how to cooperate with vendors in transitions.

[40.09] Tips & Tricks – Isobel, David, and Reid share their top hacks to optimize your marketing efforts in the next year.

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