EP47 – Digital Creative – the Past, Present, and Future

We’re back with another episode of the Digible Dudes podcast. Today we have David and Reid talking about the past, present, and future when it comes to digital creative, including programmatic, social, and search ads. David and Reid get into the conversation talking about a few concepts around spending money as a brand and how Google and New York Stock Exchange use these concepts in their marketing strategies.
Reid begins to talk about the past of digital creative, how far it has evolved in now, and the details of a few modern tools that offer scalability and frequent optimizations. Reid talks about the time he and Reid worked at Verizon and their experience in digital advertising, which was around 24 years ago.
Further down to the episode, Reid talks about the pros and cons of digital creative. He talks about the negative aspects of digital creative, such as the lack of people with sufficient institutional knowledge or backgrounds in tv and print. Next, Reid gets into the details of writing your website copy. He explains how your website copy will eventually represent a personalization of yours, and David shares a couple of examples of how your website copy affects the behavior of your visitors and the time they spend on your website.
In the next section, David brings up an interesting question about on-demand testing from a data feed where Reid explains some valuable concepts around targeting your ads and an example of how McDonald’s integrates these concepts in their digital advertising strategy. They also talk about the effect of fair housing on the conversation about creative. Wrapping up the episode, David and Reid talk about the future developments of digital creative. Reid shares his thoughts on how they are looking forward to developing new technologies and scaling them up.
[08.33] The Past of Digital Creative – How the early tools of digital creative compare to the modern ones in terms of scalability and optimizations.
[19.44] Pros and Cons of Digital Creative – What marketers should know about the advantages of digital creative and challenges associated with digital creative.
[25.24] The ROI of Creative – How to get the most out of your digital creative efforts.
[28.15] Website Copy – How your website copy affects the experience of the visitors and how it shapes the quality of your marketing strategy
[36.53] Targeting – Tips for better targeting in online advertising campaigns.
[40.41] Fair Housing & Data Privacy – The impact of fair housing and data privacy regulations and what it means for the apartment marketing arena
[44.27]- Future Developments – David & Reid share their take on what to expect in the near future in terms of new technologies, data, and scalability.
[50.10]- Utilizing Digital Creative – Tips and tricks for testing your strategies for different classes of properties and measuring the impact of your strategies.

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