EP150: Dissecting the True Value of Digital Marketing in Multifamily with David Staley ⁠and ⁠Reid Wicoff⁠

Join hosts David Staley and Reid Wicoff on episode #150 of Digible Dudes as we take you on a journey to dissect the true impact of digital commodities like call tracking and geo-fencing.

In this episode we reveal how the perspective of an agency and an apartment marketer can shift the definition of what we consider a commodity, and guide you through the process of distinguishing between commodities that have been driven to low cost and those that are still useful and valued.

Have you ever wondered about the workings of digital advertising algorithms and pricing? We take you through an in-depth analysis of digital advertising algorithms, pricing strategies, and the significance of private marketplaces. We delve into the world of chatbots, their market roles, and their impact on the multi-family industry.

We wrap up by delving into the challenges digital advertising marketers face. A whole field filled with potentially misleading information and rampant commodities. We also provide valuable insights on how to discern fact from fiction, how to approach innovation and testing thoughtfully, and the implications of automotive and digital advertising buying trends on the multi-family industry.

(00:00) Preview

(03:32) Understanding Digital Commodities

(08:48) Digital Advertising Algorithms and Pricing

(15:06) Worthy Commodities in Digital Marketing

(27:31) Evaluating the Value of Marketing Investments

(36:36) Listing Management, Citations, and Digital Advertising

(45:08) Differentiating Chatbots in the Market

(50:28) Challenges of Digital Advertising Marketers

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