EP147: Elevate Your Employee Experience and HR Change with Courtney Wright

Join hosts David Staley and Reid Wicoff on episode #147 of Digible Dudes as we sit down with Courtney Wright, our Director of Employee Experience. Courtney shares her journey from insurance agent to HR professional and explains how a balanced benefits package and employee engagement play a crucial role in an organization’s success.

In this episode, we dive into how the dot-com bust caused a proliferation of C-suite titles and speculate on the positions that might be created in the next five years, such as ‘Chief AI Officer.’ 

We underline the importance of psychological safety in the workplace and discuss how to create an inclusive environment. Courtney also imparts her wisdom on aligning employee benefits with core company values, the importance of transparency, and the role of managers in communicating the value of these benefits to their teams.

The conversation finishes with a deep dive into the elements of a great employee experience. We highlight the significance of autonomy, a sense of belonging, and how company subcultures can influence the interpretation of a company’s core values. Lastly, we touch on the fundamental aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion in creating an inclusive workplace. 

Check out the episodes to learn more about how the evolution of employee experience is reshaping Human Resources.

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(00:00) Preview

(00:53) Introduction

(12:48) Exploring Future Job Titles

(17:19) HR Experiences and Incentivizing Employee Behavior

(22:26) Enhancing Employee Experience and Fringe Benefits

(28:54) Benefits Customization and Communication

(38:46) Prioritizing Benefits and Employee Experience

(49:00) Establishing Psychological Safety in the Workplace

(55:30) Elements of a Great Employee Experience

(1:09:50) Measuring Employee Experience and Goal Setting

(1:16:17) DEIB Discussion

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