EP146: The Intersection of Multifamily and Technology with Zach Sloan

Join hosts David Staley and Reid Coff on episode #146 of Digible Dudes as we delve into the revolutionary impact of technology on the multifamily real estate industry.

In this episode, we sit down with Zach Sloan, the co-founder of Rentgrata, a lead nurture platform that is revolutionizing the residential rental landscape.

Through our conversation, Zach Sloan provides unique insights into the platform’s journey, its growth, and its continuous impact on the residential rental market.

Discover firsthand how Rentgrata ingeniously connects prospective tenants with current residents, granting them authentic and invaluable insights into their potential new homes.

We wrap up with some hot takes on the evolution of the real estate industry and the role of technology in this transformation. This conversation is a fascinating exploration of the intersection of technology and real estate and is guaranteed to leave you with a fresh perspective on the residential rental market.

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(0:00) Preview and Introduction

(14:18) Startup Journey and Reflections on Success

(20:30) Rentgrata’s Evolution and Growth

(24:26) The Future of Rentgrata and their Competition

(30:13) Benefits of Resident Referrals

(36:25) Resident Vetting and Customer Journey

(46:36) Residential Rental Conversations and Opportunities

(52:03) Churn Management and Competitive Advantage

(1:08:54) Challenges in the Real Estate Market

(1:16:34) Bold Predictions and Hot Takes

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