EP148: The Impact of Automation & AI in Multifamily with Jacob Carter

Join hosts David Staley and Reid Wicoff on episode #148 of Digible Dudes as we sit down with Jacob Carter⁠ founder and CEO of Nurture Boss, a premier lease-conversion automation tool that provides marketing solutions for the multifamily industry.

Jacob shares his company's unique approach to managing multiple automated systems and the potential of leveraging broader databases of renters.

As we dive deeper, Jacob breaks down his journey of creating a product to address the struggle of the multifamily industry to provide a connected experience for renters. We also explore the potential risks and rewards of automation and AI in the multifamily industry.

In the final stretch of our conversation, Jacob shares insights on the cost model of Nurture Boss, and where customers can allocate their budget when considering using Nurture Boss. We also get a chance to discuss the blurred line between marketing and operations, and the importance of creating a connected experience for renters. 

This episode promises a wealth of knowledge about the tech industry and the multifamily industry. You don't want to miss this!

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(00:00) Preview

(01:03) Introduction

(05:11) Automating Prospect Follow-Up and Resident Communication

(11:18) Solving Apartment Rental Issues With Product

(22:13) Lead Nurturing and Automation in Multifamily

(35:54) What does Nurture Boss do?

(39:37) Personalizing your marketing message

(45:55) Automated Communication and AI in Leasing

(59:18) Investor FOMO?

(1:05:14) Nurture Boss Cost Model and Expectations

(1:09:21) Property Marketing

(1:17:31) David's Dad Jokes and more on Nurture Boss

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