EP131: Getting Realync with Kristi Fickert

Today’s episode of Digible Dudes Podcast features Kristi Fickert, VP of Enterprise Growth at Realync. Realync is the fabric of real-time real estate, connecting the world’s real estate marketplaces and streamlining and improving the touring process. In other words, it is the top video leasing and engagement solution for multifamily buildings, offering live video tours, live virtual open houses, and DIY pre-made videos of properties.

Throughout today’s podcast, Kristi discusses Realync’s role in simplifying and enhancing the touring process for real estate markets through real-time solutions such as live video tours, virtual open houses, and pre-recorded videos. The conversation delves into matters such as the momentum of virtual leasing agent businesses during the pandemic and success metrics during client onboarding. Kristi also discusses the potential risk of a competitor copying the company’s technology and the unique differentiators that set Realync apart. The conversation also touches on setting expectations for owners and leasing agents, with Kristi outlining a timeline for becoming proficient with new platforms or technologies. Additionally, Kristi shares her contrarian ideas or “hot takes” on the industry.

[04:18] Introduction – Introducing herself to the conversation, Kristi speaks about Realync and its services.

[09:45] Impact of Pandemic -. Will people realize the importance of a virtual leasing agent tool, even though they are no longer in lockdown and can meet people in person?

[15:06] Distinctive Differentiators – We explore the distinctive differentiators of Realync and its optimal portfolio size and asset class.

[26:10] Client Onboarding Process – Success metrics during the client onboarding process.

[35:35] Kristi’s Motivation – Kristi’s inspirations as a leasing agent.

[40:17] Challenges – We examine the problems Realync faces as they consider scaling.

[51:44] Future Vision – Kristi speculates on what the next ten years may hold for Realync and the industry and any emerging demands.


Connect with Kristi:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kristifickert/

Website: realync.com/

The Lens Video Course

Video Sample

Mentioned in the episode:

EP129: 2023 Multifamily Industry Predictions: digible.com/ep129-2023-multifamily-industry-predictions/

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