EP130: Hot Off The Press: Digible Websites

Today’s successful brands put extra effort into providing a seamless, enjoyable, consistent customer experience across all touchpoints. However, a company’s web presence is the natural starting point. A company’s website is a hub for details about its wares and services, as well as any relevant news or updates. There, they can make purchases, and potential clients can end up as paying customers. However, the website can also be a possible “pain point” for the consumer or the most unpleasant part of the process. Digible’s Web product manager, Chelsea Schonhaut, is here to talk about her work, her findings regarding websites, the upcoming design and features of Digible websites, and what you can anticipate from the new Digible website product offerings.

Chelsea starts the discussion by mentioning how they identified the voids in the market. She goes on to say that customer satisfaction is one of these crucial factors. Furthermore, we explore the proportion of responsibility for the delay that can be placed on the vendor versus the customer. We also investigate both the good and adverse reactions of customers following the launch. Chelsea outlines the speculations regarding integrations and the consensus on the style of multifamily websites. There we deep dive into integrations and their impact.

Competition analysis and bundling are two different topics we cover in depth. We also describe the services and the features we hope to implement in the future. Following that, Chelsea explains what ADA compliance is and why it matters. Finally, we take a high-level look at everything the brand-new Digible website service has to offer.

[11:30] Client Experience – Chelsea explains how they identified the gaps in the sector that they intend to fill. She further mentions that client experience is one of these significant factors.

[13:34] Vendor-Driven vs. Client-Driven –  Who should be held accountable for website development or rollout delays?
[20:09] Client Reactions –  We discuss clients’ positive and negative feedback after the launch.

[26:50] Integrations –  How many individuals launch websites without requiring integrations? How crucial is tour schedule integration? Would you pay a premium for it?

[43:27] Competitive Intelligence – We explore the applicability of competitive intelligence and bundling in web development. Chelsea then points out what ADA compliance is and why it is substantial.

[59:38] Newest Website Offering – We look at the latest website offering from Digible, analyzing its numerous unique selling points, such as its enhanced usability and pricing model.


Connect with Chelsea Schonhaut:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/chelsea-schonhaut/

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