Challenges when Creating a Google Business Profile for New Build & Lease-up Properties

Getting your new build’s GBP verified isn’t always a smooth process. Here’s what you need to know.

Google owns a majority of the global search market, with over 90% of all global searches coming through its platform. This means it’s more important than ever for businesses to create and utilize Google Business Profile (GBP) to your advantage. However, getting a GBP verified and live isn’t always a smooth and easy process for the multifamily industry. 

Over the past 6 years, Digible’s SEO team has noticed that lease-ups and new builds typically face headaches when it comes to getting their GBP live within Maps. We wish there was a simple and straightforward solution for clients to verify their new property listings, but that unfortunately isn’t the case with Google.

Google Business Profile (GBP)

Why is Google such a stickler when verifying new build GBPs?

In general, Google is pretty strict when it comes to verifying any and all business listings, especially when the business is brand new. They thoroughly vet the business and its legitimacy to ensure Google users are being served the most accurate data within Maps. Typically Google won’t verify any business listings that appear to be under construction and or businesses that aren’t physically open for customers to come in and visit to conduct business. These are the main reasons we see our new-build clients having issues with verifying their GBP. Most of the time the building is still under construction and there isn’t an onsite office with permanent signage for potential renters to visit.

I’ve verified a new property before, why am I having trouble now?

Really it all depends on Google and the support representative that you are communicating with. There have been times when the Digible team has been able to work with Google support to get a new build property’s GBP up and running during the build and construction phase, however, this kind of miracle happens once in a blue moon.

Okay – so when should I start the process of creating a GBP for my new build and getting ready to verify it? 

  • Does your property have an office onsite that is accepting mail?
  • Does the property have proper and permanent signage up on and within the property?
  • Does your property have original interior images that are not used on other profiles or websites (this also does not include renderings)?

Chances are if you responded to any of those questions with yes, Digible can help you get your property’s Google listing up and verified for future residents to see!

Disclaimer: This process includes a lot of back and forth with Google’s GBP support team and can take some time before the listing is entirely live. 

If you answered no to all the above questions, you’ll need to wait until you can answer yes to the questions listed before you begin the GBP verification process for your new build. If you still have questions about GBP or anything SEO hit up the Digible SEO team, we’d love to help!

  • Having trouble verifying your GBP? Check out our GBP verification guide blog to get more insight into how to verify your listing. 
  • Is your GBP verified but looking empty? Check out our GBP optimization blog for some easy listing optimizations that will help your property’s organic presence!

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