E38 – Google Call Only Ads – Are they quality?

In today’s episode of The Digible Dudes, David is joined by Adam Walters and Magan Haase. Adam is the director of paid media at Digible, and Megan is a paid media strategist at Digible. In this episode, we talk about calling adverts and the different options available.

They start by discussing the quality and efficiency of using call extension ads vs. on-site ads. Megan talks about her blog and two case studies conducted where they saw that a lot more quality traffic was coming from those on-site calls versus Google ad extensions.

In the next section, they explain the types of online advertisements available for companies such as google ad extensions, call-only ads, and on-site adverts. Megan and Adam agree that calls on ads are better than ad extensions as call-only ads on web search look more similar to organic results than ad extensions, which cause more clients to click on these. Further, they discuss the cost efficiency of call-only ads.

At the end of the episode, they talk about the improvement in quality leads over time and the effect of COVID on lead quality. They state that COVID has led to the improvement of lead quality as more businesses work from home with their clients. They end the discussion by talking about whether a company should run call only or full adverts for their brand and testing adverts on a new set of audiences.

[2.38] Introduction – Are call ads worth it and which adverts should you run.

[3.28] Case Study – Google call extensions and case study discussions based on data found in Megan’s blog.

[6.22] Call-only Ads VS. Extension Call Ads – Discussion on whether call-only ads are better than extension call ads

[8.22] Lead Quality – How to improve the quality of leads and how COVID affected lead generation.

[9.26] Which is Better for You? – Discussion on whether a business should do call extension ads, call only, or full ads.

[12.38] Testing Adverts – What you should keep in mind when you test adverts on new audiences.

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