E34 – Coronavirus Webinar, Apartment Marketing Strategy & Budgeting

Today’s episode of the Digible Dudes podcast is based on the Digible webinar conducted by David, Reid, and Nicole this week. In the webinar, they cover several essential areas that could help you strengthen and fine-tune your apartment marketing strategy in this time of crisis.

The first section of today’s episode focuses on the impact the COVID-19 epidemic had on the industry over the last couple of months. David, Reid & Nicole review a blend of data from current campaigns to compare & contrast several metrics related to market trends before and after the coronavirus came into play. They discuss the behavior of numbers related to the available units, the absorption rate in different states & cities, and the behavior of a couple of outliers.

The next section of the webinar is focused on search trends. David, Reid & Nicole talk about some of the keywords that have been trending lately, such as unemployment as well as some real estate related keywords. They discuss how these keywords appeared in the searches throughout the last three months and what sort of behavior they had a year ago. They also discuss in detail how different traffic sources contributed to overall website traffic over the past few months. Continuing the discussion about web traffic, they review the behavior of the visitors with session duration statistics. Session duration statistics creates a vivid picture of how the time people spend on websites has changed since January. They also discuss how the low funnel page views changed since last December.

Another area of focus for this webinar is campaign performance. David, Reid & Nicole discuss trends in campaign performance with statistical data on cost per lead, click-to-lead ration, click through rates of different platforms and marketing call durations. Towards the end of the episode, they share their take on what to expect in the coming months and some valuable tips to optimize your marketing strategy.

[03:00] Impact on the Industry – An analysis of leasing trends before and after the coronavirus affected the industry.

[04:37] Absorption Rate –Behavior of absorption rate per week in different states.

[09:00] Search Volume – A comparison of related keywords.

[12:12] Campaign Performance – A year-over-year comparison of how the cost per click changed.

[14:50] Website Traffic by Source – How different traffic sources contributed to the overall website traffic.

[16:00] Duration & Engagement – An analysis of the time people spend on websites.

[18:00] Pageview Activity – Behavior of the page views for lower-funnel pages before and after COVID-19.

[21:14] Campaign Performance – Trends in CPC, cost per lead, and click to lead ratio.

[24:40] Call Analytics – How the marketing call durations varied during the last three months.

[30:30] Marketing Strategy – CTR Analysis of different platforms.

[40:00] What’s next – What you can do to optimize your marketing strategy.

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