E33 – Digible Just Turned 3, We Talk About the Journey

A few days ago, Digible celebrated its 3rd anniversary we dedicated today’s episode to share the story of Digible with you. David, Reid, and Nicole are here today to share what the journey was like and how the company grew over the years. Digible was started as a small startup idea where Reid & David used to meet at a coffee shop before getting a dedicated office space. So stay tuned to hear the incredible story of how Digible grew into a successful business.

Diving into the stories from the early days, David shares how they were trying out different video conferencing apps in the early days. Nicole recalls how she had never thought about starting a business when David & Reid approached Nicole with the idea and why she was excited about this new experience. Reid shares what his focus was on the business idea.

In the next section, Reid shared what motivated him to start the company, the stress involved in it, and how his focus transitioned from being all about the survival of the company to focus on how great the company can be. David & Nicole also shared their take on how their focus has continuously been evolving as the company was becoming more and more stable and successful.

In the next part of the episode, the trio shares how the work with the company affected their lives. Nicole shares a funny story about how her mother describes Nicole’s job role. David & Reid talk about how their family members see the work they do and the way some life events related to the work they do. They also talk about the experience of going through a lawsuit in the early days of the company.

Toward the end of the episode, David, Reid & Nicole talk about what advice they can give to entrepreneurs from their journey with Digible. They share several valuable lessons from their experience about business planning, leadership, committing to business goals, and many more. Wrapping up the conversation, they talk about what they would have done differently and their plans and predictions for the coming years.

[07:15] Early Days – David, Reid & Nicole share their memories from the early days of Digible.

[09:20] How it all started – How the idea was born and conceptualized.

[18:44] Planning – How they were brainstorming the idea.

[20:27] Motivation – What motivated them to start a company, the experience of growing a business, how the stress came into play.

[30:31] Payroll – Story of the first hire and how the payroll evolved,

[36:32] Family Background – David, Reid & Nicole share how their families viewed and supported the business.

[50:10] Advice to Entrepreneurs – What advice can they give to upcoming entrepreneurs.

[1:05:00] What would they do differently – Knowing what they know now, would they do anything differently?

[1:19:00] Plans & Predictions – Their plans, goals, and prediction for Digible in the coming years.

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