3 Reasons to Add More Videos in Your Multifamily Marketing

Need more video in your multifamily marketing mix? Future residents are looking for byte size (pun intended) information about your property.
Video Content

Multifamily Videos in Your Marketing Mix

Updated March 2024

Have you been playing with the idea of using more video in your multifamily marketing mix? Nowadays, video is king and future residents, especially Millennials and Gen Z renters are looking for byte size (pun intended) information about your property before they even drop you a line. It’s almost a given that you will provide local information about your community and neighborhood, and some standard pictures, but a consistent stream of high-quality video content in your marketing mix of your community and floor plans can score you a new resident over your competitors. Let’s chat about where and how you can add more videos to your mix. 


Video Tours Are a Must for Multifamily

One of the toughest factors for future residents is deciding if your property is a right fit for all of their stuff and potentially their furry friends (or plants, remember your Millennial and Gen Z audience). Spatial measurements can definitely help, but videos within a floor plan can show the true dimensions more visually and include corners or walls that could cause issues with larger furniture (that may not have been apparent from pictures). 

Have a spacious gym or a giant library in your community room? Show ’em off in a video to your future residents! It’s nice for renters to see a space before even walking in the front door to make sure that their standards are met (or better yet, exceeded) and chances are your future resident maybe moving from a distance, so can not tour your property in person. 

The opportunities for video tour resources and support are endless. Even a rendering (as long as it is high-quality) can show a renter how much space they are working with. Most often, new builds and lease-ups will use renderings to show residents what the space will look like, and we can help out with your videos, just ask our Organic Media team.

Don't Miss Out on Video for Your Organic Media Strategy

Being dynamic in nature video has the ability to captivate viewers for a longer duration and consequently boost interactions on your social media channels, Google Business Profiles (GBP), paid media channels, and most definately, your website. Rememebr, it’s about having a well-rounded marketing mix to meet your audience and future residents where they are at in the consideration phase when researching your apartment. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture the essence of your property on-site, from resident events and tours, here’s a how-to tutorial for filming content on-site.


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Video Content on Your Property’s Websites

Websites with video have a boosted Google ranking. When Google assesses the relevance of your web page to a keyword it considers the text, image, and content.  By offering a combination of all three, you improve your ranking by showing Google that you’ll offer a varied and comprehensive resource to the people using the search engine. Videos increase the amount of time that viewers spend on your website so that metric is boosted which improves your SEO ranking. In other words, including video means people stay on your site longer, which will help you rank higher on Google and turn prospects into residents. A great way to incorporate video on your website is:



This is a great way to capture your future residents right off the bat (and you’ll want a fast website load time of 2 seconds or less, just ask us how *wink*). Drone shots of the property give them a better idea of your location and exterior amenities. 


Floorplan Videos

Show your future resident the key differentiators in your floorplans. Balcony? Ground floor or 11th floor?


Neighborhood and Location

Skyline views of Chicago? Love it. 2 blocks away from notable points of interests and eateries? Convenient. Showcase your properties location and features to attract residents and influence their decision to choose your apartment community as their next home.


Video Best Practices

 Get Ready For More Video in Your Multifamily Marketing Mix


Understanding where to add more videos, the metrics to measure, and best practices can seem overwhelming. And needless to say, video is dominating the marketing world. From Organic to Paid Media, to onsite tours, and your apartment website, having high-quality video is key to successful brand identity and attracting residents.

Want to include video on your site and other channels for your future residents? Let’s get your videos rolling.


Written By: Organic Media Team

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