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We dive into the strategy, data, and increase in call volume for “Call for Current Specials” for Google Ad Copy.

Google Ad Call-to-Action Copy

Concessions are key during peak season in property management. To hit occupancy goals, offering leasing specials are ideal to attract residents in a competitive market and drive conversions. Future residents begin their apartment search online, so it’s important to list any discounts you’re offering in your marketing efforts and paid ad copy to act fast and call the property in order to fill vacant units or recently opened communities.

“Call for Current Specials” Ad Copy

Call me (call me) on the line
Call me, (call me) anytime
Call me (call me) I’ll arrive

To attract residents for apartment communities, our paid media strategy included pinning “Call for Current Specials” to headline three in the Google ad copy in an effort to stay current with frequently changing leasing specials and offerings to entice future residents to take action and call the property.

Including this pinned call-to-action (CTA) would in turn increase call volume, as future residents would be interested in learning more about the property’s current specials. Our team tested the ad copy across 20 different properties in the Midwest and Southeast Regions; Minnesota, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina respectively, from April – June 2023 where the average monthly budget was $4,000.

Google Ad Copy That Converts

After 90 days of monitoring and analyzing the data from the Google Ad copy test, we saw conversion volume increase and cost per conversion decrease indicating that including “Call for Current Specials” in ad copy is a highly effective strategy to increase an apartment community’s conversions. One thing to consider is that Google likes to have full autonomy over Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) so pinning headlines can cause a decrease in ad quality score, however, the main focus of the case study is to measure the impact on conversions.

Main Takeaways for Google Ad Copy

  1. Launching the “Call for Current Specials” test resulted in a 72% increase in total conversions and a 12% increase in phone calls indicating that this is an optimal strategy to increase conversions and attract future residents with leasing specials.
  2. Results also concluded a 35% decrease in cost per conversion (CPC) when analyzing total conversions, yielding effective results in driving additional conversions at a more efficient rate.

Conclusion: Type of Social Content to Optimize

Adding “Call for Current Specials” in Google Ad copy yielded successful results, with a 72% increase in total conversions, a 12% increase in phone calls, and driving additional conversions at a more efficient rate to support property management companies with their brand awareness for leasing specials, attract residents, and achieve occupancy goals.

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