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Opening Remarks

Our CEO, Reid Wicoff, welcomed everybody and got us off to a great start for the 2023 Digible Summit!

Digible Summit with Reid Wicoff
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Isobel and Jenny - Digible Inc
Meet & Greet at Digible Summit 2023
Discussion Breakout at Digible Summit
MicroJoys by Cyndie Spiegel
MC Jacki Carr and Keynote Speaker Cyndie Spiegel - Digible Summit '23
Digible Summit Keynote Speaker Cyndie Spiegel
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How to be YOU Everywhere: Understanding your Voice & Vibe in Leadership

Speaker: Cyndie Spiegel

This talk is about getting to know yourself and choosing your own evolution. We live in a world that constantly asks that we become better, younger or different versions of who we are to fit into boxes that weren’t built for us. We discard the value of our personal experiences in an effort to become more like everyone else. And in doing so, we trust ourselves less and rely more on others to decide how we show up and lead in the world.

Combining Forces: Marketers & Operators

Speakers: Khet Richards, Mike Brewer, Windell Mollenido, Janet Rosseth

In this panel discussion, we hear from multifamily professionals on how to bridge the gap between operators and marketers. With education and greater insight, both operators and marketers can gain a better understanding of each other’s roles for effective collaboration, drive goals, and achieve successful results. Kind of like, “Under Cover Boss” but not so undercover.

Digible Summit Speaker Session
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Digible Summit with Sina Shedou
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Unlearning & Rethinking the CRM World

Speaker: Sina Shekou

Sina is the current founder and CEO of Aptly, an omni-channel shared inbox designed specifically for real estate, streamlining communication and making property management teams more efficient. In his past, he has been the president of LeaseStar and SMB Division at @RealPage, founder  of PropertyWare and an early team member of Salesforce.com.

Your Tech Stack: Working in Harmony

Speakers: Khet Richards, Elizabeth Braman, Remen Okoruwa, Aaron Maas, Scott Hill

Trying to make changes to your property’s tech stack in what seems to be an impossible timeframe? Not sure where to start or what technology to choose? Well, that depends on your goals, how you plan to use the technology, and of course the complexity of your needs. In this panel, we discuss the vetting process during the planning phase needed to ensure that the right technologies are chosen, there is minimal conflict between existing systems, and you are positioned to get the most out of your investment.

Digible Summit Speaker Panel
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Thank You!!

Thank you to everyone that made this Digible Summit possible, see you all next year (virtually!) in September of 2024. 

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