Alex Greenman

Alex brings 4 years of multifamily marketing analytics experience, analyzing and interpreting business and multifamily industry data. Alex excels at identifying trends, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement and comprehensive market […]

Megan Haase


Megan brings 7 years of digital marketing and advertising experience, 5 years in multifamily, and 1.5 years in product and operations. In her previous roles, Megan demonstrated her expertise in […]

Adam Walters

Adam Walters headshot

Adam Walters is the Marketing Operations Engineer. Adam joined the team in November 2017. Prior to that, he worked on both the agency and client side of digital marketing in […]

David Lerchbacher

David Lerchbacher's headshot

David Lerchbacher, aka Lerch, is the Chief Operating Officer of Digible, Inc. and leads data strategy and operations of data engineering, data science, and analytics / BI for tech products […]

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