The Digible Dudes EP154: Innovation in Property Management – Tech Disruptions & Business Strategies

Welcome to the Digible Dudes Podcast, Episode #154! In this episode, hosts David Staley and Reid Wicoff dive deep into the world of business innovation.

Drawing parallels from Jack Welch’s approach to R&D and Digible’s decision to adopt a four-day workweek, we ponder on allocating resources and the risks associated with such business decisions. Our dialogue also touches on multifamily marketing, addressing the challenges of striking the right balance between innovation and stability.

Diving deeper, David and Reid further their discussion by referencing industry leaders. David brings in insights from Elon Musk’s journey with Tesla, illustrating the practical challenges in complete automation and the importance of questioning every step. Reid, referencing Bob Iger’s perspectives, emphasizes the continuous attention needed in innovating core competencies. As the conversation comes to a close, the hosts reflect on the unique position of the property management industry through technological disruptions.

Whether you’re a multifamily property investor, a community manager, or someone curious about the future of housing and tenant innovation, this episode promises to deliver rich insights and engaging discussions tailored to the multifamily industry. Don’t miss out!

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(00:00) Preview and Introduction

(00:33) Evolution of Working Environments

(03:42) Budgeting: Resource Distribution and R&D Allocation

(07:15) Future of Automation in Business

(11:27) Managing Business Growth Effectively

(14:56) Handling Client Experiences 

(20:38) 2023 Multifamily Industry Trends

(25:57) Balancing Innovation, Risk, and Focus

(33:40) Evaluating Business Approaches & Setting Expectations

(38:16) Elon Musk’s Influence & Property Management Insights

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