The Digible Dudes 168: EP168: 20for20’s Dom Beveridge Reveals Tech Strategies for Multifamily Success

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Welcome to episode #168 of the Digible Dudes Podcast, where we navigate the intersections of technology, strategy, and innovation in the multifamily industry.

In this episode, David and Reid host Dom Beveridge, a visionary leader and Principal at 20for20, who brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive background in revenue management across multiple industries.

We delve into the significant trends shaping the multifamily sector, including the growing importance of AI and centralization, the challenges of measuring ROI on technology investments, and the ever-evolving battle against fraud. 

Dom shares insights from his annual survey, highlighting how senior executives from top multifamily companies are planning and executing their technology strategies to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We also explore the potential of AI to transform customer service and administrative processes, discuss the nuances of technology adoption in the multifamily space, and uncover the critical role of centralization in driving business improvements. 

Tune in for a compelling conversation on the future of technology in the multifamily industry and the strategic moves companies can make to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

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Referenced in the podcast: 20for20 White Paper



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