The Digible Dudes: EP165: The Future of Tech Based Multifamily Solutions with Ben Steward

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Welcome to Episode #165 of the Digible Dudes Podcast, where we dive deep into the technological innovations reshaping the multifamily industry.

This episode features Ben Steward, co-founder of Revyse, as he shares the journey of creating a platform designed to revolutionize how multifamily operators discover, evaluate, and manage software and services.

Ben reveals the challenges and insights gained from developing Revyse, aiming to streamline operations and enhance efficiency across the multifamily space.

We explore the impact of Revyse on the industry, discussing its potential to transform the way professionals approach software and service management.

Don’t miss out on Ben’s unique perspective and the exciting future of multifamily technology. Watch till the end for a comprehensive understanding of Revyse’s role in the industry.

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(00:00) Preview

(01:14) Overview of Revyse’s Vendor Management Approach

(05:48) Ben Stewart’s Background and the Genesis of Revyse

(10:53) The Necessity of Bespoke Solutions in Multi-Family Industry

(15:33) Key Challenges and Solutions in Vendor Management

(20:09) Expansion and Evolution of Revyse’s Services

(25:33) Addressing Maverick Spend and Contract Management Efficiency

(30:04) Insights into Revyse’s Business Model and Value Proposition

(35:32) Comparative Analysis: Industry Standards vs. Revyse’s Innovations

(41:16) User Interface, Design Philosophy, and Product Management

(47:53) Discovering Implementation Challenges and Solutions

(54:05) Vendor Ecosystem, Market Trends, and Strategic Insights

(01:00:47) The Future of Vendor Management and Industry Predictions

(01:14:07) Key Takeaways and Closing Thoughts

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