The Digible Dudes 162: EP161: Edmund Keith – How Is AI Impacting Multifamily in 2024?

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Welcome to Episode #162 of the Digible Dudes Podcast, your deep dive into the future of multifamily! Today, we’re joined by Edmund Keith, Head of Content at

We dive into the evolving real estate landscape, starting with how companies like Aviv Group and CoStar are integrating diverse platforms, each with its unique model and technology. We also look at how is changing the game with free listings and premium marketing strategies.

A key part of our discussion is the role of AI in the industry, enhancing everything from property discovery to operational efficiency. We also examine the potential of voice search technology in real estate, question its longevity, and explore how real estate portals are using consumer insights to improve service delivery. 

We wrap things up with bold predictions for the future of real estate tech and address pressing challenges like agent oversupply and the need for more detailed listings. So make sure you watch till the end!

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(00:00) Preview and Introduction 

(01:56) Overview of Online

(03:21) Current Trends in Real Estate Marketplaces

(08:08) Impact of Market Consolidation on Real Estate Agents

(11:52) Challenges for New Entrants in the Real Estate Market

(15:20) Business Model of and Co-Star

(19:30) Real Estate Portals and AI Integration

(25:36) The Future of Real Estate Portals and User Experience

(28:05) Edmund’s Perspective on AI and Real Estate

(31:31) Future Trends in Real Estate

(40:42) Centralization in Real Estate

(46:43) Craigslist’s Business Model and Market Dynamics

(48:49) Google’s Influence on Real Estate Listings 

(51:07) Challenges in Modern Real Estate Platforms and Data Usage

(54:31) The Future of Real Estate Portals and AI

(59:04) Future of Voice Search and Real Estate Portals

(01:01:11) Role of Data and Personalization in Real Estate Searches

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