TheDigible Dudes Podcast – Hot Off the Press: RealPage Acquires Knock

In this week’s special episode of The Digible Dudes podcast, we are here with Sina Shekou, CEO of Aptly; the first AI-powered communication platform for intelligent residence conversations in real estate. We discuss RealPage’s recent acquisition of Knock. Throughout the episode, we dive into M&A deals, the competition, past, and present, the high rate of hiring, driving loyalty, the CRM journey, and more.

Starting the conversation, Sina dives into M&A deals, a combination of companies through different types of financial transactions, how hard it is to get into M&A dealings, and how to achieve the desired outcome.

When a company gets acquired, it’s difficult and challenging to convince the world to stay with them and keep the employees together. According to Sina, there are a lot of opportunities for competition but once you’ve taken off your game, you have to fight if you want to survive. One of the biggest problems a marketer has is the inability to get data. It doesn’t always allow companies to accomplish things with a standalone product.

Wrapping up the conversation, Sina dives into the differences between the three software companies; RealPage, Yardi, and Trada when it comes to M&A deals and how RealPage is more concerned about giving the customers that something works for them with their well-thought-out strategy.

[14.57] Mergers and Acquisitions – Sina dives into how hard it is to get an M&A deal as everyone else does.

[22.31] Then vs Now – Sina shares details about the acquisitions of RealPage now versus back then saying that they had a less formal approach back then.

[27.32] The team – Sina shares his idea about how press releases mostly talk about only the product in comparison to talking about the team.

[30.21] The competition – Sina dives into how challenging customer and employee retention can be when businesses get bought by RealPage.

[39.25] The Industry – Sina talks about the pros and cons of the industry when it comes to things like RealPage as a whole.

[43.00] Hiring – Sina drives us through the reason behind hiring increases in RealPage in the last six months.

[49.12] Driving loyalty – Switch cost is the driving fact for loyalty, says Reid.

[52.38] CRM journey with salesforce – The inability to get all the data makes a broken story of a standalone product, says Sina as one of the major problems that every marketer has at present.

[1.11.32] RealPage, Yardi, and Entrada – Sina dives into the difference between the three companies RealPage, Yardi, and Entrada when it comes to M&A deals.


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