The Digible Dudes EP122: It’s LEG Day: Your Leasing Enablement Guide

Blending with new technologies, the real estate industry is rapidly evolving and making people more engaged. In today’s episode of Digible Dudes podcast, we have another interesting conversation with Trevor Park; VP of Marketing at RentDynamics, a real estate agent who aims to develop the experience of the rental journey through technology. Throughout the episode we dive into Trevor’s background, formats of the leasing guide, updating content, a common thread, integration, contribution to the content, and more.

Starting the conversation, Trevor dives into the background information of himself; what position he held in RentDynamics, their leasing enablement, the passion he had for working with all the partners in the industry, finding ways to connect with them, sharing insights with them, and the two volumes focused on leasing cycle.

The world out there is constantly changing. Doing updates on the information that you provide to your customers is important because they need to be aware of the changes that the industry is having. Trevor shares how they are planning to update their guide saying that it will be updated in the first half of the year and the second half of the year. Wrapping up the conversation, Trevor dives into how to get to the list if you want to download or get the leasing guide when it comes out.

[08.35] Background – Trevor dives into what position he held in RentDynamaics and what they do with leasing enablement.

[10.43] The format – Trevor dives into what kind of formats people can find in their leasing guide and the search engine type system they have that answers questions for customers without going for SEO or paid advertising.

[14.17] Update – Trevor talks about what plan they have for updating the guide, how they are planning to launch it before the leasing season and budget season, and the two different versions of it.

[20.09] The common thread – The rejection of speaking engagements of industry leaders in conferences because of not being willing to sponsor is the common thread in the industry according to Trevor.

[25.00] Integrate database – Trevor dives into his idea about how people can open up to talk about how the integration works.

[29.50] Promoting – Trevor shares how are they going to promote their work other than podcasts.

[33.16] Contributing contact – Trevor dives into the two ways that they are going to contribute to the contact of RentDynamics.

[36.58] Get on the list – Trevor shares how to get on to the list when the second version of the guide gets published.



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