EP99: The Metaverse & The Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies have been gaining traction in many industries in the last few years. And with all the hype around Metaverse and many tech giants jumping on the VR bandwagon, VR is becoming something people are more familiar with. We dedicated this episode of the Digible Dudes to discuss how VR will shape the future of the multifamily industry.

We start the conversation with personal experiences from David and Reid. They share their experience of using several VR products, cool features they like about VR, and some of the practical issues that became apparent while using, such as fatigue. We also dive deep into the limitations of existing VR technologies and how these limitations may be overcome in the future.

Cloud technologies are way more widespread than they were a decade ago and with the introduction of 5G, the internet bandwidth of the average user is rapidly expanding, allowing apps to utilize cloud processing rather than relying on the user’s hardware. David and Reid dive into how this phenomenon could enhance the user experience. They also talk about the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality and how the two technologies coexist in apps.

New technologies sometimes come with new implications as well. We talk about possible health implications of using VR products for extended periods, in terms of mental health as well as physical health. Wrapping up the episode, Reid and David dive into some of the ways that VR apps could use existing data to create amazing new user experiences.

[01:00] VR Experience  – David and Reid start the conversation by sharing their own experiences with VR applications and the interactive features of different VR platforms.

[05:46] Limitations – Limitations of existing VR technologies and how these limitations affect the user experience.

[13:29] VR and Business – Financial feasibility of VR for consumer markets and how companies that are working on VR technologies prepare for the future.

[17:34] Impact of Cloud – How the new innovations in the cloud space and expansions of internet bandwidth could enhance VR user experience.

[22:47] AR vs VR – Similarities and differences between the two technologies; virtual reality and augmented reality.

[29:08] VR & Apartments – How VR technologies could enter the apartment industry and how it would enhance the user experience.

[34:34] Readiness of Users – Reid poses the question of whether the users are ready to be more comfortable with VR and how close people will prefer to be with VR.

[38:00] Health Implications – Possibility of mental and physical health implications from VR devices.

[42:10] New Technologies – David dives into how new apps could create awesome experiences by utilizing data from existing platforms such as Google Maps.

[47:14] Connecting the World – Reid, and David share their thoughts on Meta’s efforts to connect the world.

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