EP100: Digible’s New Work-From-Anywhere (WFA) Policy

Needless to say, the way we work has been drastically transformed in the last couple of years. The widespread adoption of remote work and trends such as the great resignation has initiated a new era of working that enables everyone to thrive in their work environment — wherever that is. At Digible, we always look for ways to improve our work environment and culture. That’s why we recently announced the new work from anywhere initiative. In today’s episode of the Digible Dudes, David Staley and Reid Wicoff dive into what inspired this move and the steps ahead to implement WFA.

[01:30] The Idea – Why Digible decided to introduce work-from-anywhere and how it benefits the business as well as the team members.

[08:30] Transition – How the operating procedures are going to be updated to allow WFA.

[12:00] Challenges – Reid shares his thoughts on the challenges of working remotely and his levels of confidence about WFA.

[15:20] Productivity – David shares his take on how the WFA policy may shape the productivity of the organization.

[20:00] Expectations – David and Reid dive into what they expect from WFA in the next few years in terms of cultural transformation.

[25:44] Values and Vision – How introducing WFA is going to align with Digible’s vision and core values and how it’s going to improve the work environment for everyone involved.

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