EP98: What’s the Meta With You? Facebook Advertising & Discrimination Policy

Facebook has been under a considerable amount of pressure from various parties to make changes to its platform to eliminate discriminatory practices. As a result, Facebook has been introducing new updates to its advertising policy. However, these new updates introduce some new complexities as well. In today’s episode of the Digible Dudes, we’re joined by Jenny Haacker, Paid Media Manager at Digible. Throughout the episode, we talk about how Facebook’s policy updates affect and influence several aspects of advertising and how they impact the real multifamily industry.

We start the conversation with a brief look at what’s new in these policy updates and the real-world implications for marketers in the real estate arena. We also talk about why Facebook is introducing these policies and how they pass some responsibilities to advertisers rather than making changes in their systems. Some advertisers fall into special ad categories that come with their own restrictions when it comes to ad content. We talk about these restrictions, the new complexities they introduce, and what marketers can do to comply with the policies.

Another thing we touch on is loopholes that exist within these policies. We dive deep into how some advertisers are able to slide through loopholes in the platforms and what organizations such as Facebook can do to ensure that the possibility of using these loopholes is limited. Wrapping up the episode, we talk about the 31 buckets of prohibited content Facebook has introduced and how they affect the strategies of marketers.

[01:10] New Policy Updates – What forces Facebook to introduce these new policy updates, and what the new policy update means in real life in terms of liability.

[04:13] Concerns of Facebook – We talk about why this new policy update feels more like Facebook is trying to pass the responsibilities of compliance to advertisers rather than updating their back end to improve compliance.

[08:30] Special Ad Categories – How Facebook’s advertising platform works for special ad categories and the restrictions that come with it.

[10:45] Complexities – Some of the difficulties that advertisers have to face are because of the restrictions that come with the new policy updates.

[16:15] Habits – David & Reid share their thoughts on how they interact with certain features in search engines and social media and some of the concerns related to the features.

[19:00] Loopholes – Loopholes related to targeting that exists in advertising platforms and why it’s hard for platforms to monitor the content that slides through these loopholes.

[24:20] Reviewing – Facebook’s content review process and its efficacy of it when it comes to reviewing discriminatory content.

[30:00] Meta’s New Ventures – How the tendency of Facebook’s parent company to lean towards VR and AR technology may influence the advertising space in the next few years.

[37:20] Transformative Technologies – How the adoption of transformative technologies has evolved throughout history.

[44:24] Prohibited Content – We talk about the 31 types of content Facebook has prohibited and what marketers can do to comply with the new policy.

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