EP97: Digible’s Approach to Employee Retention, Salaries, and Promotions

Creating an environment where employees can do their work comfortably and can thrive in their professional lives is one of the best things a business can do for their staff, as well as the long-term growth and reputation of the company itself. That’s why Digible is dedicated to creating the best possible work environment and culture for the team. In Today’s episode, we have a deep conversation with Ryan Dorhout, controller at Digible, who has been working on the strategic aspect of human resources for Digible in recent months. Throughout the episode, Ryan shares his thoughts on the way Digible approaches improving several aspects of employee experience.

We start the conversation with the strategic work Ryan has been contributing to over the last few months and how Digible’s organizational structure was developed. He dives deep into what is involved in defining salary ranges for various positions in the organization and how Digible is keeping its offers competitive by including attractive benefits packages.

The ability to move up in the organizational structure and the available opportunities are some of the key factors that drive team members to dedicate their time and effort to an organization. Ryan shares his thoughts on some of the frameworks and procedures developed for Digible to assist with promotions and professional growth.

Transparency is an extremely important concept for Digible. We talk about some of the information Digible discloses to stakeholders that are not often disclosed by many businesses in the industry and how that transparency helps Digible build trust within the organization. Wrapping up the episode, we talk about how Digible plans to deal with inflation and the cost of growth.

[02:25] Digible’s Growth – How Digible has been growing in recent years in terms of recruiting the process of developing and fine-tuning the hiring procedures.

[06:42] Ryan’s Background – Ryan talks about his previous experiences in several companies and the impact he’s been making at Digible in developing salary ranges.

[11:02] Benefits – Digible’s approach to benefits and strategies Digible utilizes to keep offering competitive benefits.

[19:26] Promotions – Ryan dives deep into some of the procedures and controls that are put in place to define the way people move up in the organization.

[25:00] New Generations – How Digible handles communication regarding the upward mobility aspect of employment, especially for people from younger generations.

[31:00] Transparency – We discuss the measures that Digible takes to ensure transparency about salary ranges throughout the organization.

[37:53] Career Development – David and Reid share their thoughts on Digible’s plans to help employees with career development.

[48:00] Dealing with Inflation – Ryan dives into some ideas on how an organization may revise pay ranges to compensate for inflation.

[52:00] Cost of Growth – The financial impact of growth for a business and strategies for efficiently growing an organization.

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