EP96: Gen Z Renters: What Multifamily Marketers Need to Know

Every generation has its own unique perspectives and behaviors that define how they interact with society. Since these unique traits also affect their purchase decisions, it’s crucial for businesses to keep in touch with new generations and consumer behavior. Generation Z has been entering the workforce in recent years and we’re already seeing trends in the market that reflect the unique traits of this generation. So we dedicated today’s episode of the Digible Dudes to diving deep into the preferences of Gen-Zers. Joining us today is Arden Murphy, an Account Coordinator at Digible, and Rose Finnigan, Paid Media Strategist at Digible. Throughout the episode, Rose and Arden share with us some fascinating research and data along with Gen-Zers interests and how marketers can improve their efforts to appeal to the new generation.

Starting the conversation, we talk about what defines Generation Z and some of the unique behaviors that set them apart from previous generations. One of the first key things we dive into is the Gen-Z approach to interpreting online reviews. We talk about their attitude towards the trustworthiness of reviews, how they find information about the reputation of a property, and the way they approach giving reviews to businesses.

Smart features are more important to Gen-Zers compared to previous generations. We discuss the reasons behind this tendency and how property owners and operators cab improve features to attract Gen-Z renters. Gen-Zers are also more responsive to social issues and tend to choose brands that align with their values. We dive into how brands can change their ways to align more with the values of their customers.

We discuss what amenities Gen-Zers are commonly looking for when choosing a place to live and some of the dealbreakers that could lead Gen-Zers away from properties. Wrapping up the discussion, we talk about how the culture and community affect the decision-making of Gen-Zers, what online resources they use to look for properties, and how marketers can give a better web experience for Gen-Z visitors.
[09:10] Getting to Know Rose and Arden – We start the conversation with how our two guests started their careers at Digible and the work they’re doing.

[11:40] Gen-Z – Who are Gen-Z, how they’re different from previous generations, and why that’s important to marketers.

[14:40] Online Reviews – The attitude of the Gen-Z towards the trustworthiness of online reviews and their approach to leaving reviews.

[19:00] Non-Agent Tours – Rose and Arden share their thoughts on why the majority of Gen-Zers prefer non-agent tours over in-person tours.

[23:30] Smart Features – Why the availability of smart features such as smart thermostats and appliances that are connected to mobile apps are more important to Gen-Zers than other generations.

[27:00] Social and Cultural Differences – The differences that Gen-Zers are introducing to the society in terms of being conscious about social issues, diversity, and inclusion, and some hot takes from Rose and Arden about modern advertising.

[34:20] Trust in Content – The attitude of Gen-Z towards the quality of news they see on media, the content they see on social media, and adverts they’re being exposed to.

[37:40] Amenities – The importance of amenities for Gen-Zers and how property managers could improve their properties in a way that appeals to Gen-Zers.

[40:06] Deal-breakers – We asked Rose and Arden what are the things in an apartment that make them instantly reject a property.

[57:15] Websites – What measures marketers can take to make websites more informative and appealing to Gen-Z visitors.

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