EP84: Digible Summit 2021 Sneak Peek

This year’s Digible Summit is just around the corner. In today’s episode, we share what multifamily marketers can expect at the virtual Digible Summit, session topics, and featured guest speakers. Joining us today are David Staley, Reid Wicoff, and Nicole Staley.

Fair housing has been one of the key topics in the real estate landscape throughout the year 2021. And it’ll be one of the key topics we focus on at the Digible summit as well. Starting today’s discussion, David dives into some of the sessions planned around fair housing and maintaining compliance with fair housing regulations. We talk about the guests that’ll be attending and what specific areas we plan to explore in these sessions.

The future of technology is one of the crucial aspects and challenges of the multifamily housing industry. We’ll have some interesting sessions about websites and other technologies. Today, Nicole and David talk about some of the areas they plan to cover at the summit in relation to technology. Reid will be moderating a few sessions, and one of them is on the impact consumerization will have on the multifamily markets. We dive deep into what his session will include and the different perspectives he plans to bring into the conversation. Wrapping up the episode, we talk about how properties with zero amenities may influence the future of the industry.

[00:31] Fair Housing – In past episodes on the Digible Dudes, we have discussed many topics related to fair housing. And it’s one of the flagship topics for the summit as well. David talks about the aspects of fair housing we’ll cover at the summit.

[05:35] Compliance – One of the specific areas we’ll dive into in relation to fair housing is maintaining compliance with fair housing regulations. We talk about what to expect at the summit in terms of compliance.

[07:40] Websites and Technology – David & Nicole share their thoughts on plans to explore new possibilities for websites and other emerging technologies that help us better serve the customers.

[12:05] Consumerization – Reid talks about what he’s planning for a session he’ll be moderating on the impact of consumerization on the multifamily market. Reid also talks about the guests who will be in the session and the different perspectives he plans to bring into light through the session.

[15:47] Amenities – Something that David has recently noticed is that properties with zero amenities seem to be popping up in some locations. David and Reid share their thoughts on what this trend may mean for consumers.


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